Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

In class, we have been discussing artificial intelligence. It has truly opened my eyes to the potential it can have on society, in every aspect. I believe a direction that we should start taking, or even thinking about in this research, is how we can implement artificial intelligence into the energy sector. I believe with artificial intelligence we can control emissions, regulate our usage, and create a smart grid. This would allow our energy to be efficient, mitigate risks on the climate, and make our grid more secure. Artificial intelligence will also contribute to the speed at which we can research and develop our energy methods. Rather than having to process years and years of information, we can have machines do it for us. This could put us much further ahead than we expected, leading to an revolution.

The first thing we can do is create the smart grid, a system that regulates the two way transmission and distribution in our electrical system, by monitoring it, and making sure it is at the optimal output each time. WE can also use deep learning, technology that will allow us to effectively analyze the supply and demand side of energy, in order to ensure that we don’t under or overproduce. This would save our country a lot of money and time.

This integration is really something we should start thinking about, in order to further advance our energy sector. This would boost efficiency, reduce emissions, and guarantee optimal production of our energy. Integration is really in the early stages, but it is definitely something we must continue researching and developing.

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