How AI can Reshape the Energy Sector

In class, we have been extensively discussing artificial intelligence. Particularly, how it will impact society, what it is capable of, and the potential implications, At first, I never really thought anything of it. I definitely was not a believer. I saw it as robots that would never come to be in my lifetime. Soon after, though, I realized how far off I was. Artificial intelligence is most definitely the next big thing, I believe that we must carefully integrate into most areas of our lives, in order to optimize our daily functions. My particular area of focus is energy, and I believe there are many ways we can implement Artificial intelligence into our energy systems. Things like reducing emissions, increasing efficiency of our electrical system, with regards to transmission and distribution, and creating a smart grid. These are just a few ways artificial intelligence can improve our energy sector; the question that needs to be answered, though, is how?

The first way mentioned is overall efficiency. This efficiency described has to do with output, supply, and demand. We waste tons of energy each year due to inefficient and non optimal output. This is a trend that cannot continue, but artificial intelligence may hold the solution. Technology can be developed through code and algorithms, along with a database of studies, that can accurately predict the optimal output, and maximum efficiency of our solar farms, and other sources such as wind, gas, and electric. This trend is not hype, though, companies like IBM have already invested in predictive artificial intelligence that will improve the efficiency of our electric transmission and distribution systems.These predictive models that are being developed wont just help with efficiency, though. They will also help with security, grid management, and optimal consumption. Researchers have found, that these intelligent machines can help reduce wasted energy by 46 percent. A truly astounding number. Ai integration wont just help advance new forms of energy either. They will also help with the traditional sources such as oil. An example that can be found is in Texas, Oil companies are trying to implement artificial intelligence to find optimal drilling points, to get the most out of each drill. This is truly fascinating, and clearly shows that AI is not all about futuristic, and the mindset of 100 years from now. It is very real, and has real world applications that could change things for the better. We can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, stop wasting electricity, and efficiently use our resources. This is not a huge proposal, or something that is impossible. It will require extensive research and diligent development, but within a few years this a very realistic proposal.


In researching how artificial intelligence can potentially be implemented into our energy sector, I am all for it. I believe this would solve the crisis of climate change, by reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, and cut down on wastes. In doing this we would have a secure optimized energy sector, rather than one based off of ineffective models, and human intelligence. Clearly this approach has not worked, but artificial intelligence may be the answer we have been looking for,.

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