317-Energy Project Progress Brief Update

A major part of understanding the future is understanding the present. When researching the topic of energy through an infrastructure lens, it is no secret that our energy grids, both as a country and world are outdated. Among other major issues our society has faced in the past two weeks, the United States has been directing much attention to the Hurricane relief efforts in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. In a tweet this past Monday, President Trump addressed that the electrical grid had essentially been wiped out for good in Puerto Rico. Whether or not the president’s twitter is a credible source is speculative, but, it does show that these outdated grids have turned into an issue acknowledged by the highest levels of the U.S. government. The Puerto Rican Power Authority has had it’s fair share of issues before the storm, of course the storm has amplified these issues tremendously. The damage has been called “apocalyptic” — power could be out for months. Our response and restructuring (if any) of power/energy to the places affected by these hurricanes will serve as a very interesting case study to the future of energy, electricity, and power generation. Our group is closely monitoring the country’s response to these pressing issues, and it is likely that we will see some sort of decisions made before the end of our semester of disruption– as there are millions without power!



To read more about the concerns of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, see this article.

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