3D Printing and Modern Medicine

3d printing is disrupting the way reconstructive surgeries are carried out as well as the way doctors understand the problem in a specific region of a patients body. However, there are still many revolutions to be made with 3D printing in the medical field- especially in the field of organ transplant alternatives.

1 thought on “3D Printing and Modern Medicine

  1. Anthony Hector

    3D- printing is honestly something that I did not even believe existed when I first heard about it. The ability to create virtually anything from a form of a printer is crazy to think of. The first time I saw something that was related to 3D printing was a TED about the same topic this article is about. The person was presenting the view of using 3D printers for medical purposes. This is something that is completely revolutionary. This invention could effect a lot of fields not just the medical one. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the 3D printer created a human kidney. They are not able to constantly make kidneys because it takes a decent amount of time. The future for the medical looks bright with inventions like this one because when they are able to produce human organs at a fast rate then there will not be people waiting and hoping that there is one available.

    That is the problem with today because people who have defective organs are put on a waiting list to be able to get an organ. There are so many people right at this moment who need a human organ because they might be suffering from a sickness. In the future this 3D printer will be able to save a ridiculous amount of lives because of its capabilities of creating organs. Of course it will take a while to be able to create organs at a faster rate so that more people will be able to receive them, but it is in the foreseeable future. This is great to see inventions like this one because they could actually have a profound effect on human lives.


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