4th Revolution and AI


In class today we talked about education and how it will effect professors and students. I had to connect the dots and I felt the need to share an article I found. The future of education is way more efficient than we ever though. Automation will be completely ran by artificial intelligence. The big issue that many people in class had with this, is that it will just create more of an education gap. The rich will be able to learn faster and better, the poor will be stuck behind and we will see income inequality even more in the future with ripple effects. Artificial intelligence is going to run the world and there is not doubt about it. When I first started learning about the fourth revolution I was thinking how jobs will change, but I did not know how extensive automation and computer intelligence played into this. Teacher’s makes mistakes, imagine a robot that will never grade a paper wrong. Teachers don’t know every answer to a question, imagine a robot that has all the answers. The imagination of many will soon become a reality. This article talks about ten ways that education will be majorly effected. Number one, artificial intelligence can automate basic activities in education, like grading. Number two, educational software can be adapted to student needs. Number three, It can point out places where courses need to improve; this is personally my favorite because a teacher may be feeling tired but a robot will always want to help a student expand a learn more. The other points are listed on the article and go into how interactions today will no longer be a reality in a few years.

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