Apple Had a Great Year

On their fourth quarter earnings call yesterday afternoon, Apple showed that they are still dominant when it comes to technology and music in 2015. Apple has been a leader and innovator in music and technology for years by creating new products, perfecting others, and even joining new markets (streaming). This year, though, has been a record setting year for the company.

According to, revenue was reported at $51.5 billion and net profit was $11.1 billion. This fiscal year for Apple saw revenue growth by 28 percent to 234 billion. Annual net income increased by 35.1 percent to $53.4 billion. Although Apple is not the largest company in the world, the numbers show that they are a powerful entity and are only growing as time goes on. Fortune named the company number 1 on their “Top 10 Most Profitable Companies of the Fortune 50” list this past June.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also briefly talked about Apple Music during the call. He spoke about Apple Music and the number of subscribers using the service, now at 15 million individual and family accounts. In addition to this, there are 6.5 million paying customers. This is about a third of the number who pay for the market leader in streaming, Spotify.

One fact that was not surprising, but definitely worrisome, was that the iPhone accounted for 63% share of revenue. This is obviously a large portion of the company’s revenue. As previously mentioned, Apple does a great job at innovating and adapting to a changing environment. Just five months ago, Apple removed the iPod off their homepage menu bar, a product that sat on the bar for 13 years. iPod sales have been declining for years, and Apple adapted by removing the product from the homepage and replacing it with a Music button. How will Apple adapt to their iPhone taking 63% share?

What will Apple do going forward? How will they adapt? A classic line is, “Once you’re at the top, there is nowhere to go but down.” We’ll see what happens.


11 thoughts on “Apple Had a Great Year

  1. Matthew Walker

    You offer a very valid question, “What will apple do next?” Only time will tell, but after reading this article, I see Apple continuing to grow as long as technology continues to grow. Apple must produce products before anyone else can so no company disrupts the way Apple runs as a business. The biggest takeaway from this article that I find interesting is the fact that Apple has so many subscribers already to Apple Music in such a short period of time. At this point in my life I went away from downloading and paying for music from the Apple app store and subscribed to Spotify. Up until now, they are essentially the same service as Apple Music, as you have to pay $9.99 for an individual account on apple music, just like I pay right now for Spotify. If Apple Music has more to offer than Spotify, I think we will see a gradual decrease in Spotify users and ultimately see streaming services come to and end as a result of so many individuals having iPhones. Spotify will still have a market for non-iPhone users, but is it enough to keep the company in business? Does Spotify have a claim that Apple, since it is such a huge company, will be creating a monopoly over services such as Spotify by disruption in the use of technology? They may have a case, but most likely Apple will be the company that wins due to the amount of money Apple has and can ultimately crush its competition.

  2. Zack G

    Apple has always been a company that seems to always amaze me. A few years ago in 2009 apple was mainly known for its IPOD and while that was popular, the iconic IPhone which is known today did not have nearly the amount of market share that it has today. With phones such as the famous fully keyboarded blackberry’s that everyone wanted to get their hands on and was well known throughout the world. Apple has since been able to transform their brand completely and make their name and more importantly their IPhone the most dominating cellular device in the globe. They’ve managed to turn the IPhone into the most easy to use touch screen device that with a touch of a finger you could do task such as music, camera, email and browse the web and so much. Apple has also managed to keep themselves a large base of loyal customers and lead them into buying its other products such as the mac, apple watch, apple TV and so on. Looking at the IPhone, I’ve always wondered how they’ve managed to get people to buy new virgins of their phones without really changing much of the design or adding “new features”. Quite personally, I believe apple has been apple to brainwash its customers me included into buying somewhat the same phone and making it a MUST needed product for the customer. With newly additions such as Apple Music to Apple’s portfolio it’s most certainly a game changers, giving Spotify a run for its money. Is apple going forward? I think so, with the about of money they have and smart individuals such Time Cook running their company. Apple can and will be so much more, with talk about an apple car there are no limits for this brand. A product such as this will be how they adapt and soon, I think able will go into categories we’ve never even dreamed it of.

  3. Brianna Young

    Apple is by far a company that never seems to amaze me. They are always innovating and trying to keep up with the growing technological world. Apple is always trying to gain new customers in many different outlets. Now with the iphone being one of the most popular phones on the market apple is trying to make sure they are a household name. From having apple tv to having a macbook apple always has a new market idea up their sleeve. I do not think apple will decline anytime soon as Ryan mentioned in his essay “Once you’re at the top, there is nowhere to go but down.” I don’t think this quote applies to apple because since the creation of the ipod was really one of biggest apples creations they have only gone up and I believe they can still go up. Soon enough apple will be involved in all types of markets not just entertainment and technology. I really cannot wait to see what the future holds for apple because they are always inventing something new and exciting for their customers. Also I do not think apple will fall anytime soon because they are always keeping their customer on their toes always giving them something to look forward to.

  4. Andrew Lentini

    Apple my favorite company of all time. Why you ask? Everything they make is perfect. I got my first IPhone back in 2010 it was the IPhone 4s the first phone to have Siri in it. Apple seems to be everywhere you go with all of their products being around you at all times. Most people have IPhones probably yourself included. IPhones are not the only thing that Apple has made. Obviously they have their wonderful computer collection which includes laptops and desktop computers. The IPad and IPod are a couple of their other big products. Apple also recently bought Beats headphones for 3 BILLION dollars. Apple is the dominating company when it comes technology and they have continues to show that year after year. Their most popular product though the IPhone has been a hit ever since it was first introduced back in 2006. Since then Apple has been doing great and has not looked back. Last month they posted their fourth quarter earnings. The leader in music for many years showed that they still run this industry and will continue for a while. According to, revenue was reported at $51.5 billion and net profit was $11.1 billion. This fiscal year for Apple saw revenue growth by 28 percent to 234 billion. Annual net income increased by 35.1 percent to $53.4 billion. These are numbers that I can’t even begin to think about. The amount of money that Apple makes is out of control. As we looked at in class Apple has a GDP that is above almost all other countries in the world. They rank in the top 10 out of over 300 countries which is just crazy to think of. Fortune magazine ranked apple as the number 1 most profitable company in the fortune 50. After their longtime owner Steve Jobs died many people thought that the company would not be able to recover and that was just wrong. Apple new CEO Tim Cook took the company and showed that he would be able to continue to invent and sell their wonderful products. Apple introduced their own music streaming service called Apple music. Many people are using Apple music 15 million individuals are using it and 6.5 million paying customers. This is only a third of the number of people using Spotify. I use Spotify and pay $5 a month for the student rate and I love it. They always have the music I need and I am nervous that if I switch to Apple music they will not have the same wonderful service as Spotify. Apple has been the biggest technology company in the United States for a while now as they showed in their recent earnings release. IPhones have contributed to much of Apples success and this scares some people but I do not think it is an awful thing. IPhones are a great thing so I am not surprised and they continue to make and develop now ones. Next September they will most likely release the IPhone 7 which will take over the world. You know for sure I will be buying that too helping Apples revenue.

  5. Ryan Jolluck

    Apple has been a very successful company, especially under the leadership of Steve Jobs. The company has been pushing the market with new and exciting products. But, the software and hardware of the products itself was not created by Apple. It was through the vision of Job’s that Apple was able to sell these aesthetically pleasing, useful, and reliable devices. He combined different technologies already developed years, even decades before into a highly profitable, sellable product. As of recently, stated “Revenue was $51.5 billion and net profit was $11.1 billion, or $1.42 per diluted share. Gross margin improved to 39.9 percent from 38.0 percent in the prior-year period. Apple exceeded expectations at both the top and bottom of the income statement. Analysts expected fiscal fourth quarter revenue of $51.1 billion and earnings of $1.88 per share”. I was surprised to learn that iPhone sales contribute a large majority of Apple’s revenues, 63%, almost two – thirds of their total revenue. Apple faces heavy competition from Samsung and other smart phone companies. And also the unknown companies with their own unique smart phone products waiting to be released on the market. I think Apple faces some interesting possibilities and challenges in the future. With their institutional knowledge and quality of leadership hold up against competitors and the interests and expectations of the marketplace? I also question their computers and its future. I have always liked my pc due to certain interfaces, playing around with various files, and ability to perform well with games. There hasn’t been anything interesting or exciting from Apple’s computer department. They are just focused on new IOS updates. Though many prefer Apple products, I still enjoy my Windows and pc. And would rather take and android over an iPhone.

  6. Anthony Hector

    Apple is simply one of the biggest companies in the world today. Their success is truly amazing to think about how it all started in Steve Jobs garage. The rise of apple is truly based off the innovation of the company and how they present their product. Especially now, they have a trust with the consumer that everyone knows that with Apple they are getting a quality product that will work smoothly and is just simple. That is the main with any Apple product that It is just a smooth device to operate. They are constantly trying to improve their product with coming out with updates and new devices with better processors. Let’s talk about the Iphone, most people have an iphone because they know that it is a great device that allows the user to do whatever they want on their phone and it works so simply. The problem with other smartphones is that they try to put too much into their phone, but it ends up not running as smoothly as an Iphone. That trust that they have built with the consumer did not come easy either because they had stiff competition from companies like Microsoft.

    I think that their success has really come from being the innovators in their industry. When the ipod came out it was sort of like a more technological version of a walk-man. When they came out with the Iphone there was not a phone out there on the market that was like the Iphone. There had been devices with a touch-screen interface, but now one had a touch-screen interface that was better than Apples. With successful innovations like those people start to trust the company because they have seen the great results with their other products. This year they saw a growth in their revenue of 28%, which is astounding. They are constantly coming out with new versions of their products by enhancing every feature of the older versions. Some people thought with the death of Steve Jobs that the company might take a hit because he was a genius with the way he thought of innovation. The company has grown from the loss of Jobs because it seems like he is still living through his products because the new products that have come out still have Steve jobs influence in them. It is not a surprise that 63% of their revenue came from the Iphone sales because that phone is hands down the best phone out there. The way you can prove that is by seeing everyone around you own a iphone. The iphone is the standard that every phone tries to strive for.

  7. Marquise Moseley

    Honestly, in my opinion Apple is the greatest company of our time today. They just seem to produce great products in everything that they put out. I have nothing but high praise for the company. I was not originally introduced to Apple products right away. In fact, I had a Droid when I got my first phone, but that Droid was nothing compared to the Apple products. My first encounter with Apple was with my Ipod touch. It was in that time the best music device you could get because not only did it hold a ton of music, but it also had a bunch of great games to play while you were listening to music. My favorite was probably Touch Grind the skateboarding game you play with your finger tips. It saddens me that the Ipod product dropped off so much. Apple had no choice but to take it off of their homepage because there are so many ways people can listen to music now that they really have no need for Ipods anymore, and these people are missing out.
    In today’s society there are so many new things that have been discovered, but I think the biggest is the streaming of music. Music streaming is what put an end to the Apple Ipod because who needs an Ipod and a phone when you can now just get the phone and stream from your phone. Instead of Apple just giving up and allowing music streaming to takeover they just found a way to capitalize off of this amazing invention. Like it mentions in the article, Apple has finally developed its own music and streaming. This allowed for the company to keep up with this evolving technology world, and at the same time it helped them to bring in more revenue for the company. According to, Apple was said to have reported revenue of about $51.5 billion dollars, and along with that a profit of about $11.1 billion. I think that a solid part of this was due to their music streaming and Iphone sales. The Iphone is the biggest phone out right now, and it continues to grow in popularity every day. It just seems to add key updates that everyone without Iphones seems to be jealous of, and with each update the Iphone looks better and operates better. After Iphone sees how people react to the updates they then start making the next phone with all of these features along with some more hidden ones they work on. It is reported that “63% of Apples revenue is due to the Iphone.” It would make sense since Apple’s Iphone does just about everything that you could possibly need to do in today’s world. Their phone is a little computer at your fingertips, and it is getting better every day. It is not hard to think that “Apple Had a Great Year,” and I actually know they have many more to go. The motto I like to go by is “Once you get to the top it is hard to stay there,” but I think Apple will be just fine and will continue to thrive.

  8. Darren Williams

    As an Apple supporter I highly doubt that they will do down. Yes, once you reach the top you can technically only go down in spots, but you can also only improve what you are doing and keep innovating. I anticipate that is what Apple will do. At this point in time it is almost foreign for the most of us to see people with phones other than IPhones. Of course there are always a few people who are Android and Galaxy supporters. I admit that the Samsung Galaxy line has come out with some very cool and attractive features that have yet to be added to any model of the IPhone. Despite these cool features, Apple has just created a cleaner, easier to use interface for their phones, laptops and tablets that just all work together. People of any age can pick them up at any time and learn to use them very quickly and like how they work and feel. This has been the case from the early days of Apple. I got my first IPod in the 3rd grade over ten years ago and I was beyond excited. So like many other kids who may wish to get an IPod at some point it is slightly saddening that they took the IPod off of the main screen but of course it isn’t completely gone. However, perspectives are changing. I remember when I got my first cell phone and granted it wasn’t “just for emergencies” like some of my friends who got theirs before me, but it was a privilege to have and of course it took some convincing for my parents to get it. These days that isn’t the case, it is an after thought for parents to even consider not getting their kid a phone. Kids are much more mobile these days going all over to school, practice and various events and getting in touch with their parents is essential. However, it isn’t just about that anymore its about keeping in touch with friends, staying current on trends and well, playing games. Keeping those things in mind I believe that Apple will continue to innovate. They will keep updating their phones to do more things quicker and more efficiently, they will create new designs that attract more people fit different styles and overall just work. I have no doubt that the initiative and great minds that got Apple to this position will continue to create ideas and innovate because that is what they are wired to do. They want to continue to better the phone market and keep their customers satisfied. Not only that though, in life and in sports which directly correlate with business, winners win and the creators at Apple are winners as seen by their number one spot. That being said winners don’t easily give up their number one spot. There will always be new players coming into the game with new ideas, new technology, but it is up to the players already in the game to adapt, change their plan and find a way to continue winning despite any circumstances that are out of their control.

  9. Stephen Gallic

    I guess Apple’s success does not hinge on Steve Jobs. This fiscal year Apples revenue grew 28 percent!!! Apple saw a total revenue of 234 billion making it the most profitable year in the company’s history. A major reason for Apple’s success this year is due to their introduction of Itunes Music to compete with the growing industry of streaming music. Another reason for their success is their introduction of the IPhone 6 and the Apple watch. All three of these products are able to compete with the leading technology products being produced and the Apple brand is drawing more attention than ever. Apple has been at the forefront of the tech industry for the past decade since the introduction of the IPhone. Now, ten years they once again are proving how successful and dominant they truly are. To understand just how big Apple is, if you were to compare Apples GDP to all other countries in the world it would rank in the top 10. That means 200 plus countries do not make more than Apple does. This is a testament to the power and success by Apple which was ignited by the vision of Steve Jobs.

  10. Eric A Novembre

    Having an iPhone myself I would have to say it is by far the best phone I have had over the years, and I have owned about every company. Between LG and Samsung Galaxy, to me these phones do not compare. “One fact that was not surprising, but definitely worrisome, was that the iPhone accounted for 63% share of revenue. This is obviously a large portion of the company’s revenue. As previously mentioned, Apple does a great job at innovating and adapting to a changing environment.” Every time Samsung comes out with a new Android operating system for their phones and tablets, Apple comes out with something better each time, and it is not a matter of opinion it is fact. “According to, revenue was reported at $51.5 billion and net profit was $11.1 billion. This fiscal year for Apple saw revenue growth by 28 percent to 234 billion. Annual net income increased by 35.1 percent to $53.4 billion. Although Apple is not the largest company in the world, the numbers show that they are a powerful entity and are only growing as time goes on. Fortune named the company number 1 on their “Top 10 Most Profitable Companies of the Fortune 50” list this past June.”
    The question that is being asked now is, how will Apple adapt to their iPhone taking 63% share? What if the Apple iPhone starts to drop in revenue, what if it is not the phone to buy anymore? What will they do? Since apple has always been a powerhouse when it comes to technology, I believe they will never hit a cross road where they are going to struggle as a company. The Mac computer and laptops are the most popular and best computer to have today. When people buy them, there comments about are absurd. Customers say they are a life saver, and that the Macs are a must buy item. After all Apples computers don’t carry viruses and that is the number one reason why they are 1st in customer choice. Now Apple came out with streaming music, instead of buying albums and songs on the internet, you can now just pay 9.99 a month to listen to any song you want. “Apple CEO Tim Cook also briefly talked about Apple Music during the call. He spoke about Apple Music and the number of subscribers using the service, now at 15 million individual and family accounts. In addition to this, there are 6.5 million paying customers. This is about a third of the number who pay for the market leader in streaming, Spotify.” So with all this I believe even if the Apple iPhone drops off the market (which probably will never happen) they will always have some commodity that will keep them the top tier in the business. People always assume a downfall of a company and that they cannot be at the top forever, Microsoft has been a top software company for a while, so why can’t apple do the same.
    Stetz, Ryan. “Apple Had a Great Year.” DTL Blog. N.p., 28 Oct. 2015. Web. 11 Dec. 2015. .

  11. Rushil Gandhi

    With Apple it seems that the individuals are either amazed by their achievements and innovations or they are left frustrated by their lack of creativity. Yet, Apple churns out yearly profit figures that one cannot even imagine. The iPhone, iTunes, Apple Music and other services seem to be in an economic bubble at this point in time. Everyone is walking around with some sort of Apple product in their close vicinity. This is partly down to the fact that Apple has made itself a brand name, one that is synonymous with innovation and brilliant products. Consequently, Tim Cook and his workforce have created and manage a money making and market leading monster. Yet, the article seems to point out that Apple is struggling with product diversity. Seeing the iPod being taken off the main Apple website marks the end of era in some ways. The iPod was the product that put Apple on the map and put on the path that has led to the current Apple of 2015. However, having the iPhone responsible for 63% of its yearly profits is surely a worry and one must question what will Apple do if the next iPhone takes a big hit in sales? This occurrence is increasingly becoming more probable as the companies like LG, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola are putting out devices that compete well with the iPhone and at times perform better for a much more user friendly price. In my opinion, Apple must go back to the days of taking risks again in order to make sure that it stays top dog in the technology industry and the finance markets. When releasing the original iPod or the original iPhone Steve Jobs put the entire company at risk on the success of those products. They were radical and revolutionary and not like tweaked models that Apple puts out these days. These days the company does not really innovate, it employs a strategy of “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. This means the yearly releases of the iPhone, iPad and other products are just incremental upgrades rather than innovative devices. I’d rather have an Apple that does not release products each year but takes it time to start innovating and revolutionizing the technological world again. They have to do it because the competition has caught up and is on a path where it can surpass Apple in the blink of an eye. The article says Apple is sitting at the top of the pile and when a company is top the only way is down and it will be interesting to see the way Apple attacks this issue and try to stay at the top.


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