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The Constant Change of the Retail Landscape

In a perfect world, we would seamlessly integrate technology and retail to make a happy consumer. Although, as we can imagine-this is not as easy as it sounds. The new concept of retail is to make goods available through an online platform and the integration of mobile apps. However, this leads a lot of room for error.
The consumer today is far less willing to tolerate failure, and this article that I found captures the concept of this demanding consumer, a new platform for eCommerce, and the discussion that some retailers are having about this changing landscape. Take a look at this article, and think about what they are saying-do you feel that the retailers today are prepared enough, or taking necessary preparations, to conform to this new type of consumer effectively?
After reading this, I personally was left wondering what will happen to the retail industry if the current major retailers do not effectively leverage the widespread use technological advancements and online based platforms. I fear that the retailers are not going to keep up with the growing demands of the consumer, and a quickly evolving consumer at that!

The Mobile Apps That Do Not Make Life Easier within the Retail Industry

Mobile applications are instrumental platforms that allow the retailer to become one with customer and remove the barrier between the two. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the tagline “there is an app for that” has become modern language and a way of life. With that, the retail team downloaded three mobile apps and tried them.

Out of the applications that we chose to test (RedLaser, Pounce and Mallzee), RedLaser was the only app that actually was a reliable source. Pounce, which allows a user to take a picture of an item and purchase it right through the app, did not effectively work. It pulled up similar items, but not the actual item we wanted.

The other, Mallzee, was “awful” as my team members identified. This personal shopper app was not intuitive or helpful, in fact one of my team members uses Wanelo, which is an app that you can purchase items through in one place.

It is interesting to note that the applications that claim to be intuitive and helpful, are actually not helpful. I instead prefer to use apps such as the one for Nordstrom and Macy’s that are directly linked to the retailer. Let us know what your thoughts on the applications are, and if you have any other applications that ease the interactions with the retailer!

The Disruptive Forces that Changed the Culture of Retail

It is no doubt that the culture of retail has changed. When you look at the outline of my findings, you can see that disruption has really changed the way we interact with the retail industry. Even the physical store was changed to reflect a more innovated design. The use of mobile technology has impacted not only communication by eCommerce. You can buy anything from your phone, via the internet or even a mobile application.

Thinking about the future, I was left puzzled. The trends went from solely a brick and mortar store, with tangible items to a robust online platform that uses technology to drive sales. Although, it looks as though the future is going to be a balancing act between the two. Stores will leverage an online platform as well as a store of sorts to continue to drive sales.

I personally feel as though we will become a seamless, technologically driven shopper, who uses the resources in our hands to purchase an item through a more convenient platform. I do not, however, feel as though the tangible store is gone for good. I instead feel that the way the store looks will change. It will be more technologically advanced on the inside, just like how their online platforms work.

Below is the summation video of my findings. Check it out and think about it for yourself. What do you think the future holds?


Mobile Apps: Impacting Shopping Habits

Just a few years ago, shopping was completely different. The streamlined use of mobile applications and web based shopping was not as popular, although little did we know it would gain traction and become one of the largest sectors of the retail industry.

The tagline, “there is an app for that” has become a driving disruptive force that has taken over the retail industry, and in short has completely altered the way that we as consumers engage in the act of shopping. The growing nature of the application based shopping experience has grown with the millennial population, to a point where soon the children of tomorrow will have no recollection of the way it once was. Going to the store and viewing sales via circulars will soon be obsolete.

Some of these unique mobile applications include:

  • RedLaser, a scanning software that takes the concept of showrooming to a whole other level.
  • Pounce, which allows users to take a picture of an item in a print ad, and in just a few clicks-purchase the item through the retailer.
  • Mallzee, which is a personal shopper that recommends fashions to its users.

Follow along with the Retail Team as we try out some of these disruptive applications!!