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Social Media Disrupting TV News

The days of rushing to the television to watch a major news story unfold are over.  Social Media has changed the way that we follow breaking news in things both big and small, from the release of who the four College Football Playoff teams are, to much more serious issues, such as the recent terrorist attacks […]

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Learning about Disruption, through Disruption

To begin our Disruption class, of course, we had to be disrupted.  Before our first class, we received an email from Professor Shannon saying that we had to sign up for Slack.  Most of the class had never heard of Slack before, but now we could not get through the class without it.  Slack is […]

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Cord Cutting, the Demise of the Cable Industry

As we have been discussing throughout the blog, the world we live in is being rapidly disrupted, and the TV and cable industry is not immune to this as people are “cutting the cord” and moving away from cable.  There have long been alternatives to cable, but now they are finally becoming practical and affordable […]

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