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Machine Learning In Our Everyday Life

When we think about artificial intelligence we might imagine something out of a science fiction movie. However, we might not realize that in one way or another we are using some type of machine learning in our day to day routine. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence which allows computers to learn from […]

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Ethical Challenges in Machine Learning: A look at Advertising and Ethics

There is no doubt that Machine Learning systems are transforming our lives, creating both a positive and negative impact. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft have taken advantage of the boundless opportunities artificial intelligence has to offer. However, businesses and governments are relying more and more on ML systems to make important decisions, […]

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Machine Learning: How it affects the Medical Field

Machine learning is all about data recollection and data processing. Many industries will be affected by this branch of artificial intelligence, the medical field being no exemption. Its capability of analyzing huge amounts of data will eventually replace a great number of human jobs, even those that require a higher education. However, as explained by […]

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