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The Calm before the storm

The world stands before a valley, behind us is the worn landscape we have used for centuries, the same landscape that has brought us so far. Before us is a desolate valley that we cannot fully see the bottom to but we can see the end. Beyond the valley lies another plateau, full of potential, […]

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Instant Audiences.

It seems like not so long ago that marketing firms dreamed of putting out a new IP and having an almost instant audience to flock to it. And as many of us know now, this has more or less become a reality. While not to the point of being an exact science like some would […]

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The first to fall.

Back when I was in high school, my friend and I decided to go to Uno’s. I had been there several times before when I was a kid and when we had finally got there, I was shocked to see not a waiter/waitress but a small black box with a touch screen. While i was […]

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