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Tablets: The new way we learn?

Tablets have had an impact on a good junk of businesses in various fields, for better or worse! In the following article we look at the impact tablets have on the education sector. The articles go over what the advantages are of having tablets in the classrooms and how they do not only benefit the students but also the teachers. So which tablet is the best option? Apple? There is a school in Switzerland that even bought its teachers and students iPads. In my high school we had iPads and for some students they helped but others it proved to be a distraction. Are tablets the future of learning in the classroom? If yes, than how do you prevent the iPad from becoming a distraction? The iPad could revolutionize how we learn and help kids who have disabilities.


Becoming Mainstream… with the help of Apple -Tablet Computing

It is common to think that the first main tablet to come out was the iPad. However the idea of tablet computing has been around since the 1980s. While it took a couple years to finally get one out to the public, AT&T eventually released the first tablet in 1991 called EO 440 Personal Communicator. From there on out tablets kept evolving and becoming more and more marketable by adding features like software compatibility and cleaner hardware design. Each major company had a tablet, all unique in their own right with features like handwriting recognition.

However, in 2010 the biggest event in the tablet world occurred when Apple released the first iPad. Up until the point of its release, all other tablets never were as successful as promised. The iPad was revolutionary, in an article by Matt Buchanan, (2013) he describes how the iPad managed to succeed in a industry that has shown no success. He highlights that the success of the iPad starts withe the iPhone. By incorporating the same operating system as the iPhone, on a bigger device the iPad not only allows for the iPad to communicate with the iPhone but expand its versatility. The iPad had a significant impact on other industries, such as newspapers and books. No other tablet before the iPad was as versatile and efficient, it was marketable in a way that had not been seen before. However, the iPad also received some backlash when it first came out. There was some confusion as to what the purpose of the iPad was to be. When looking at the following article, we see that the author, Adam Frucci’s critiques are rather harsh. When reading his problems one can see that he is comparing it to a computer/laptop, which is understandable but mistaken. We have seen in previous articles that the iPad, was originally not designed to be compared to other products but rather to be a new type of technology. In the following abbreviated video we see Steve Jobs, show this comparison when he introduces the iPad for the first time.