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The Sway of Artist’s Rights

The Sway of Artist’s Rights November 30, 2015 Caroline Strickland The atmosphere within the music industry is arguably as convoluted as ever. The industry is infamous for “ripping off” an artist by using their work as content, while paying little to no royalties out. This story is as old as the dawn of the 18th […]

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The Music Industry: The State of the Union

The Music Industry: The State of the Union November 30, 2015 Sean Reagan, Megan Gordon, Ryan Stetz, & Caroline Strickland     The music industry itself can be likened to a very intricate song. As with any industry, it has various moving parts. If a song melds the sounds of percussion, brass, woodwinds, and strings, […]

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The Recording Studio’s Heritage & Demise

The music industry of today finds itself split into two distinctive camps. The industry has often been found in this precarious position. It was once the battle of the radio versus the vinyl. Then it was the cassette versus the CD. More often than not, evidenced by the aforementioned struggles, the divide is that of […]

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