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The Disruptive Forces that Changed the Retail Industry – Final Deliverable

In How Are We Going to Deal With Disruption, the retail team meshes our research discoveries for the four key segments in retail, which we refer to as the “4C’s” – Culture, Cost, Customer and Channel with our trending topics. The research component, which is illustrated entirely under the tag ShopTillWeDisrupt, traces our initial background research stage to our feedback stage to our final research stage, […]

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Are You Ready for a Retail Quiz?

The effects of retail disruption have transformed the cost of products, culture of stores, customer and channels of distribution. Just check out our experiential tag ShopTillWeDisrupt to see the breakdown of how each of these 4 C’s have transformed from the past to present. You can also see the implementation of retail disruption today by checking out […]

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Deliverable 2 – Feedback

In our Deliverable 1 we shared 4 Google Doc links leading to the research each member conducted for Culture, Cost, Customer and Channel. Since then, each team member has reviewed each other’s research and compiled feedback. We delivered our feedback to each other in person and have it recorded for you on the Disruption, Technology […]

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Introduction to Retail Disruption

Hi Everyone, This is Team Retail. Our goal is to introduce you to retail disruption by focusing on: 4 realms- Culture, Cost, Customer and Channels in 3 time-frames- Past, Present and Future To gather our information we are using three platforms: you Slack- A tool that allows us to communicate simultaneously through private channels and […]

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