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Algorithm for Opinions

If one watches a movie or a reality show set back as little as ten years ago, about the rich and famous, one thing they had that most people don’t is a personal stylist. A personal stylist is a person that studies your personal tastes in clothing, keeps up with trends, and presents current clothes […]

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Black Friday or Cyber Friday?

When looking at the past years in retail many wheels are turned by the power disruption. Technology and also the laziness of people has extinguished many traditions in the retail field, or at least replaced them. Everyone living a fast pace life is aware about how much easier it is to online shop rather than […]

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Deliverable 1- The Research Stage

Welcome to Deliverable 1, As Melissa explained in our introductory post we are the “Retail” disruption group. The Retail Industry divided itself into 4 realms or 4 “Cs” – Culture, Cost, Customer and Channel. We decided to discuss each “C” in 3 time-frames – Past, Present and Future. The first deliverable we set was to […]

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