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Final Blog Post, Per

In the recent semester, from September 2015 to December 2015, myself (Deniz Yalcin), Jordan Panella, Abraam Dawoud, and Elizabeth Giovine have been separated into different sectors of technology and disruption. Our team was given the privilege to focus on the sector of Personal Computing, in which almost all other sectors were disrupted because of PC’s. […]

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evolution of the iOS

If you click here it will direct you to a video that shows the evolution of the iOS from iOS 1 to iOS 2. This youtube video really shows the disruption and the process the iPhone went through to get to this point. Make sure to really listen to iOS 5 and 6 since it […]

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Tablets: The new way we learn?

Tablets have had an impact on a good junk of businesses in various fields, for better or worse! In the following article we look at the impact tablets have on the education sector. The articles go over what the advantages are of having tablets in the classrooms and how they do not only benefit the […]

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History of the Smartwatch

History of the Smartwatch: First episode of a series called a Series of Disruption in and of Wearable Technology. When you have a second to watch this video, pay attention to the evolution of Smartwatches, and how it has not just been a desire recently to own a smartwatch…but since 1880. You will witness the 5 milestones to […]

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evolution of the iphone

The evolution of the cell phone is a pretty incredible thing and it has been distrupted in the last decade more then what was even foreseeable. It is crazy to think of where the cell phone came from and where it is now and it isn’t even imaginable what it will be like in the […]

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