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Energy Update

The Fall 2017 semester was a rather opportune time period to engage in research of energy, due to a series of current events, natural disasters, and global action relevant to this topic. In August/September of this past year, three major hurricanes made landfall on the United States and significantly exploited the outdated infrastructure of our […]

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How AI can Reshape the Energy Sector

In class, we have been extensively discussing artificial intelligence. Particularly, how it will impact society, what it is capable of, and the potential implications, At first, I never really thought anything of it. I definitely was not a believer. I saw it as robots that would never come to be in my lifetime. Soon after, […]

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Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

In class, we have been discussing artificial intelligence. It has truly opened my eyes to the potential it can have on society, in every aspect. I believe a direction that we should start taking, or even thinking about in this research, is how we can implement artificial intelligence into the energy sector. I believe with […]

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Combining Multiple Energy Sources

With incredibly quick rise of Tesla, battery storage as a source of energy has quickly become a topic of discussion. Last week two energy companies announced their plans to combine battery power with solar and wind power to provide consistent energy to Australia. Australia is heavily dependent on the use of fossil fuels, 63% of […]

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Energy Project Update

I’ve spent a number of my posts discussing Puerto Rico and the U.S. Energy issues, but there is a lot more to this project than just that (my team-mates have eluded to this as well). “Production of fossil fuels is expected to rise, approximately doubling the amount of use of each fossil fuel.  As world population […]

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Using Solar Energy as a Primary Source of Power

  With our energy supply diminishing, our infrastructure crumbling, and our climate being destroyed, its time to make a change. Our current administration, along with big oil companies are trying to keep us in the past century, by continuing to use fossil fuels and other sources of energy that have negative effects on the planet. […]

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Rebuilding the Caribbean’s Energy

A natural disaster such as a hurricane can be very disruptive to a nation’s economy and destroy it’s infrastructure. Hurricanes Irma and Maria have had devastating effects on energy systems in Puerto Rico and other islands. Many residents of the islands are not expected to regain power for about four to six months. With many […]

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Geoengineering Will Not Fix Our Energy Problem

Researchers in the field of climate change and energy have been spending a lot of time looking into a practice known as geoengineering; deliberately changing the environmental processes of the earth. This practice is one that could be very beneficial to our climate, and may be an option we must resort to in the future, […]

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Is There Enough Energy for the World?

One of the many problems third world countries face is they do not have access to energy. That does not mean there is a shortage of energy in existence for these countries; in fact, there is more than enough energy for the whole world. In the next thirty years we will see a surge in […]

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The Modern Energy Workforce

Like any major sector of the United States, energy employs millions of people per year. Studies show that approximately 6.4 million people are employed in the energy sector, and it appears to be trending higher. Energy jobs are some of the most important; they are necessary for keeping our grid safe, ensuring effective transmission and […]

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