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Machine Learning Executive Summary

It is essential to understand what exactly machine learning is and how it works in order to understand the affects it has and will have on society. In basic terms, machine learning is a computer program that can learn and adapt to new data without human interference. It is a field of artificial intelligence that […]

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There Is No Timeline For Machine Learning

Machine learning has the capability to transform our future and then some. Currently, humans are working towards building machines that learn from themselves which could ultimately become so good at teaching themselves that it could eventually eliminate the human aspect. In today’s society, machine learning is becoming more and more useful across many different industries. […]

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Machine Learning In Our Everyday Life

When we think about artificial intelligence we might imagine something out of a science fiction movie. However, we might not realize that in one way or another we are using some type of machine learning in our day to day routine. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence which allows computers to learn from […]

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Ethical Challenges in Machine Learning: A look at Advertising and Ethics

There is no doubt that Machine Learning systems are transforming our lives, creating both a positive and negative impact. Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft have taken advantage of the boundless opportunities artificial intelligence has to offer. However, businesses and governments are relying more and more on ML systems to make important decisions, […]

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Ethical Implications of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will one day become the normal way to travel. However, there are still plenty of ethical issues and dangers this new technology holds. It is easy to forget about the impacts technology has on society because everything is innovative and exciting. Nevertheless, the ethical implications must be discussed in order to avoid potential […]

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