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Are We Prepared for a World Without Oil?

According to the Energy Information Administration, the United States alone consumes about 19.63 million barrels of oil each day. Most of the oil we consume is used to make products such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil for homes, and jet fuel. Our rate of oil consumption continues to rise as if oil is a renewable […]

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Climate update

Climate change, defined by NASA as the change in usual weather patterns in a certain area, is a very real and looming threat to life as we know it. The first step to resolving any issue, global or domestic, is raising the necessary awareness to make change possible. However, The New York Times reported that […]

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Preparing Our Cities for the Next Flood

There is minimal protection for coastal cities when it comes to combating tropical storms. Tropical storms can cause massive damage due to wind speed, impact from landfall, and remnants of floods. Whether one agrees climate change affects the frequency and power of hurricanes is irrelevant, these storms are occurring, and could hit a city such […]

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Can We Keep Up With Machine-Learning in Transportation?

Machine learning has already begun to make its mark in the transportation industry. Autonomous vehicles are already popping up across the country. Many cars already feature some autonomous capabilities – like parking, steering, and cruise control. By implementing machine-learning algorithms into the transportation industry, it could ultimately save lives and time. Accidents are caused by […]

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317 – Digital Transformation Update

A few months ago, Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion, one of the largest amounts paid to acquire a company. This is all apart of Jeff Bezos’ strategy to bring cheaper products to the consumer market. This acquisition may be great for consumers, but Bezos’ purchase will force other companies to digitally transform. Towards […]

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Understanding Quantum Computing as the Future Technology

Quantum Computing is the study of theoretical computation systems that make direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. Quantum computers are different from binary digital electronic computers based on transistors. Quantum computing is on the rise to conquer a new method of how we do systematic […]

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Finding the Most Efficient Energy Supply For The Future

Today, we face many issues in the world when it comes to energy efficiency, climate change, and the environment. Each of these things are interconnected; our sources of energy, such as fossil fuels and coal, directly affect the climate with regards to global warming, carbon emissions, and ocean acidification. This model we have implemented in […]

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