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Digital Transformation YouTube News Direct Amazon opens grocery store with no cashiers August 24th 2017, Amazon officially  bought Whole Foods. I first thought what are there alter-motives in this buy out.  Why would Jeff Bezos want to buy a food company? At first, I thought it was a  genius idea all around, but after further reading, I then […]

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The Calm before the storm

The world stands before a valley, behind us is the worn landscape we have used for centuries, the same landscape that has brought us so far. Before us is a desolate valley that we cannot fully see the bottom to but we can see the end. Beyond the valley lies another plateau, full of potential, […]

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Nuclear Energy Continues to Struggle

One point that our current president made very clear during his campaign is the decline of the coal industry. Increased environmental regulations and a decline in the price of natural gas have made burning coal impractical and inefficient. Another source of energy that is often overlooked is Nuclear energy. Nuclear power is struggling to expand […]

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The first to fall.

Back when I was in high school, my friend and I decided to go to Uno’s. I had been there several times before when I was a kid and when we had finally got there, I was shocked to see not a waiter/waitress but a small black box with a touch screen. While i was […]

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Machine Learning In Our Everyday Life

When we think about artificial intelligence we might imagine something out of a science fiction movie. However, we might not realize that in one way or another we are using some type of machine learning in our day to day routine. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence which allows computers to learn from […]

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Geoengineering Will Not Fix Our Energy Problem

Researchers in the field of climate change and energy have been spending a lot of time looking into a practice known as geoengineering; deliberately changing the environmental processes of the earth. This practice is one that could be very beneficial to our climate, and may be an option we must resort to in the future, […]

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The Modern Energy Workforce

Like any major sector of the United States, energy employs millions of people per year. Studies show that approximately 6.4 million people are employed in the energy sector, and it appears to be trending higher. Energy jobs are some of the most important; they are necessary for keeping our grid safe, ensuring effective transmission and […]

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