Climate Change And Its Cost On The U.S.

Climate Change is a serious and impending issue that has not been addressed properly, particularly by this current administration. According to sources, the U.S. is in danger of losing billions of dollars. This is obviously a serious issue, considering almost all U.S. citizens know that the U.S. National Debt is over $20 Trillion, and rising. Clearly, an issue that could cost the nation even more billions of dollars of debt. The GAO or Government Accountability Office reported, according to US News, that the U.S. faces economic catastrophe if President Donald Trump does not act upon the issue. The Office of Budget and Management showed that all the extreme weather conditions and damage caused by the definite climate change in the past decade, has caused the nation around $350 billion. This is particularly important because we, as citizens and taxpayers, are spending more and more due to a distinct lack of attention to the serious issue that faces not only our country, but the world. We already know that Trump is making it his prerogative to undo all of the acts and efforts under the Obama administration, especially those related to climate, and that Trump willingly admits that he does not believe in any such thing as climate change, despite the clear scientific signs and evidence of it. The economic impact of not changing our efforts on climate change will be catastrophic and has to outweigh and be prioritised over the current political affairs. In recent news, sample prototypes of the Mexican border wall that Trump envisioned have been erected, though with no funding or concrete plan for the wall, will not be happening any time soon. With that in mind, Trump chooses to focus his attention on building walls and deporting immigrants, all of which involves lots of spending, rather than focusing on the important issues at hand. Senator Cantwell, one of the senators who requested the study on climate change be performed, hopes the current administration will focus on climate change, as by the year 2100, numerous deaths are projected to occur in the Southeast due to heat, roads and infrastructure will be destroyed, as well as issues with wildlife populations and marine life. The study also showed that short-term effects of climate change are just as detrimental, as the nation could be responsible for $4 to $6 billion from 2020 to 2039 just because of storms and rising sea level. The GAO recommended to the Office of the President, particularly the Office of Science and Technology Policy, to determine the issues with climate, and respond appropriately. The administration needs to focus on climate change and realise how important it truly is, and that if nothing is done, at the very least, billions of dollars will be lost.

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