Deliverable 1- The Research Stage

Welcome to Deliverable 1,

As Melissa explained in our introductory post we are the “Retail” disruption group. The Retail Industry divided itself into 4 realms or 4 “Cs” – Culture, Cost, Customer and Channel. We decided to discuss each “C” in 3 time-frames – Past, Present and Future.

The first deliverable we set was to research a selected “C” and post the research on to individual Google Docs.  Each group member had their own “C” to research, but in order to stay informed on all “Cs” we set up a peer review rotation.  Each member started out with a “C”, and then they reviewed the other three.  Therefore we are all well versed in each of the 4 realms. Below are links to each original “Cs” Google Doc so one can see our thoughts and research on the topic.  Now this was the research stage so the Google Docs below were a rough idea of how we saw our category and our overall research on the 4 “Cs”.





For more progress on our research please follow our tag, ShopTillWeDisrupt . In the meantime, Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping!

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