Deliverable 2 – Feedback

In our Deliverable 1 we shared 4 Google Doc links leading to the research each member conducted for Culture, Cost, Customer and Channel. Since then, each team member has reviewed each other’s research and compiled feedback. We delivered our feedback to each other in person and have it recorded for you on the Disruption, Technology and Law YouTube Channel. You can also watch it below.


A brief summary of the feedback delivered for each C is below:

Culture – Explore specific products that are changing the retail culture, like RFID tags and virtual dressing rooms.

Cost – Explore price transparency

Customer – Explore how consumer habits are changing as a result of the new retail experience

Channel – Explore how channels of distribution are shortening delivery periods and increasing consumer demand for immediate gratification

This feedback will be translated to Deliverable 3, where you will find the links to our updated Google Docs. In Deliverable 4 you will find videos that illustrate our findings in a unique way. In the meantime, check out Mobile Apps: Impacting Shopping Habits.

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