The Disruptive Forces that Changed the Channels of Retail

In our Deliverable 2  you watched a YouTube video of each member of the group sharing feedback on research conducted on each of the 4 Cs. The purpose of the video was to bring the Team one step closer to transforming our raw research findings in our Google Docs: Culture, Cost, Customer and Channel, to interactive videos with an informative message that will ultimately address how we are going to deal with Retail Disruption.

Take a look at the Channel integration of research complied into an animated video that traces how the marketing mix element placement or distribution has channeled through history and into the future, specifically in the retail industry.

The Channels of retail are not the only component being affected by disruption. Explore “The Disruptive Forces that Changed the Culture of Retail“. When you’re done, we challenge you to test your knowledge with a Retail Quiz.

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