Digital Transformation Final Summary

The world will look nothing like it did in the past, we are undergoing a period of digital transformation. The American Dream is no longer what it used to be; Capitalism is shrinking, and technology is taking the jobs of the working-class. Americans are having trouble finding their place in society because technology has taken the role of human physical presence. The past American Dream offered a pre-determined agenda that was simple to complete, founded on simple jobs like “factory worker”, “waitress” or “cashier”, but now these ‘stable’ positions are all disappearing. Navigating the former route of the American Dream is not an option because it is no longer so set in stone. Life proves to be unpredictable, and same with the direction of the American Dream. New jobs are emerging on the web, and we must adapt to this digital transformation, even if it means adjusting our American Dream. We can no longer settle for one job, rather settle when the jobs are done.

We must cope with the fact that there is almost no room to climb up the capitalist ladder anymore. We must work with the ones at the top in order to expand our overall potential for success. Platform companies control most of the IoT and technologies that come with it. They offer many opportunities for businesses to grow: Shopify, Amazon, and Facebook offer many services to help customers and sellers engage in business, Ziosk offers an easy-to-use food ordering service for dine-in customers at Applebee’s and other restaurants, and Microsoft Office changed the way we create and submit reports. Neglecting these innovations will leave you behind, there is much success to be gained by properly utilizing these technologies.

We must not learn a specific set of skills, rather a much broader set of technology skills that cover multiple fields. Being F.A.I.R. will help people transition into their new skills. F.A.I.R. people will always be innovating new products/services, so no longer can we restrict our skills, we must anticipate and adapt to change.

Achieving the American Dream is still possible, but it requires a new route to success. We must expand our knowledge in different fields rather than one to adapt to the never ending changes we will face. We cannot have a narrow focus to our next step in life when the future requirements to our jobs require us to think more broadly. Being able to adapt to change, “learn, unlearn, and relearn”, will help us reach the next chapter in our lives.

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  1. Daniel McNulty February 1, 2019 at 8:14 pm #

    In “Digital Transformation Final Summary” by Andrew Imbesi, many great points were made, as well as some statements I do not completely agree with. Technology is something that has come a very long way throughout history and is something that will not stop any time soon if ever. The technological advancements that our society as a whole has made has even began to take the role of humans. Many different jobs that humans used to do, have been taken away by new advances in technology. The American dream that we all knew is not the American dream of today. In today’s world, in order to live the American dream, one must be able learn and adapt to new things throughout their entire career. The idea of the changing in technology, one must be able to adapt to new things and incorporate them into their skillset. Even though this is very true, jobs such as police officers, carpenters, electrician, plumbers, and many other craftsmen are jobs that still require humans to work, at least for now. In the article, Andrew Imbesi states “We must cope with the fact that there is almost no room to climb up the capitalist ladder anymore.” Although this is partially true, capitalism is not completely dead, as businesses are still being opened and people are still needed. In addition too, people from all over the world are still coming to the United States of America to live out the American dream. These people need to be able to adapt and learn new ways of technology as well, because if you do not, you will be left behind, as the rest of society continues to catapult further into more technological advances. All in all, as technology continues to grow in our society, opportunities will diminish, as well as open. The American dream is far from dead, but is rather changing.

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