Disruption in Education Summary

How is disruption changing and impacting the educational system and the related fields. The education team explored various concentrations of higher education and asked individuals in those fields how they view disruption and what they’ll do about it.

1 thought on “Disruption in Education Summary

  1. Daniel Kelly

    The smarter our technology gets, the more it will be integrated subtly into our world, presenting terrible dangers and wonderful opportunities. With the Biology major’s comments, doctors will no longer have to spend time needlessly remembering nonsense words and symptoms which can be categorically understood and their minds can be allowed to focus on more abstract aspects of their position, like learning how to treat patients in a way that makes them healthier. I believe that humanity will have far more free time in the future without being held back by a lack of access to the world and to technology that makes simple tasks easier; allowing the mind to be freer than ever before in history to engage with the world, but that world is becoming increasingly homogenized. There is a far smaller world outside of one’s door and the more technology improves the less space exists between people which on one level is fantastic but in other ways really decreases the reasons we have for exploring it. Quite frankly, humanity is boring and ineffectual and the people of our school and every other in the area are exactly the same basic, annoying and principal characters without culture, cause or sense of anything. We have become a wafer thin society and this is not just a criticism of Americans, but everyone in the more “civilized” nations. Our music is composed in a matter of hours and filled with ineffectual monotonous tones, lyrics which would make even a bad poet cringe with horror. Our literature is rotten and films make terrible sequel after reboot after sequel. This is evidenced by the fact that when someone makes something new and innovative, everyone praises the work as the greatest thing ever. People absolutely love Pixar for their creation of new characters and stories, Wes Anderson is well known for the simple fact that he is quirky and weird. Our culture is desperate for anything new and out of the ordinary because technology has dulled our minds and given us distractions instead of new opportunities. It is wonderful to think that once the internet was seen as a place to share information and grow, instead of a cesspool of racism and idiocy.
    The internet and technology has made humanity lazy and rather stupid, not causing the problem of cultural ineffectiveness but enabling the absolute wave of uninteresting garbage we call popular culture. While musical artists like Daft Punk can use technology to craft complex pieces of work, their contemporaries like the Black Eyed Peas can produce absolute garbage using the tools inherited by decades past to make music that assaults the mind rather than improve it. Right now number three on the list of top 100 music is Hotline Bling by Drake, its garbage and people should be ashamed for its popularity. Justin Bieber is number 2 which I tried not to be unfairly harsh against but I will never like him because he is overproduced and rude. With number 1 being Adele, I’ll admit that this surprised me but she is an original artist. Thank you, humanity for doing one good thing today. Before anybody tells me that there was always ineffectual pop cultural nonsense, yes there is and it may be no different today in terms of proportion because we always forget the garbage. My point is that at this point in time, if technology is so wonderful and improves our lives so much; why have we not moved into a era where nonsense is the minority and humanity excels at everything. Why are we still awful as a whole, terrible to one another and living in a world where terrorists know how to get their message across better than civilized folk? Why is our world absolutely horrible if technology is growing and being integrated, why have we not become Gods yet? It is because instead of taking advantage, we chose to let our base lazy interests take over.


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