Energy Current Event Update

According to this article, “after two hurricanes, the infrastructure has honestly collapsed.”

Puerto Rico may not have power for another 6 months— that’s not good at all. As you can see from these images, a large majority of island is without power. Worst of all, people are dying. The president’s critical tweets certainly are not helping, and his sarcasm has not been appreciated by Puerto Rican politicians/natives.

Putting politics aside for a moment, it is increasingly more obvious that the infrastructure of Puerto Rico is in serious trouble. Today marks two weeks that the island is without power– and help is not coming fast enough.

This will continue to be an interesting case study to follow– especially as Trump begins to make decisions about how much of the country’s budget will aid the island. There is not much of an update to give here, as the island is essentially in the same trouble it was in last week. But, decision will have to be made– lives are at risk!!

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