Energy Project Update

I’ve spent a number of my posts discussing Puerto Rico and the U.S. Energy issues, but there is a lot more to this project than just that (my team-mates have eluded to this as well).

“Production of fossil fuels is expected to rise, approximately doubling the amount of use of each fossil fuel.  As world population continues to grow and the limited amount of fossil fuels begin to diminish, it may not be possible to provide the amount of energy demanded by the world by only using fossil fuels to convert energy” says this article.  It goes on to say: “Countries must take action to promote a greater use of renewable energy resources, such as geothermal energy or nuclear power,  so that we can be well prepared when the supplies of fossil fuels are not as plentiful as they seem today.”

Perhaps one country that might’ve read this article, is Morocco. See what they did below:

For the U.S. perhaps exploring our own deserts, such as in Nevada, might be a good idea. Furthermore, we can benefit as a world considering other locations/ways to naturally generate energy.

Before we get so desperate that we have to explore some outlandish options, our world leaders should seriously stop dismissing our climate problem and seek responsible, sustainable ways of producing and harvesting energy.



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