Energy Update

In the United States, we often read articles or hear news reports highlighting the outdated infrastructure of our buildings, roads, tunnels, and bridges. Some of these reports make fear mongering projections estimating when some of these buildings and bridges will collapse. However, one major are of infrastructure that is overlooked is energy infrastructure. Most people do not realize how outdated the electrical grids, gas lines, and water pipes are in some of America’s largest cities. Much of our infrastructure is unprepared in the event of a natural disaster, war, or even a cyber attack. An article which appeared in IEEE Power and Energy Magazine titled “Impact of Natural Disasters on Electricity
Supply [Guest Editorial]” outlines some of the implications of a lackluster energy infrastructure system in the event of a natural disaster or a cyber attack. For example, a major blackout will cause extreme social disruption as many people would be left without running water, gas, internet, and communications. The article also discusses measures we should take to increase the resilience of our energy infrastructure to reduce the damage to our energy systems, and minimize recovery times. Cyber-terrorism is a word that has become very familiar with most Americans in the past few years. A cyber terrorist attack on our electrical grids would be very disruptive to our economy and well-being; so it is imperative that we keep our networks safe and secure.

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