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If you click here it will direct you to a video that shows the evolution of the iOS from iOS 1 to iOS 2. This youtube video really shows the disruption and the process the iPhone went through to get to this point. Make sure to really listen to iOS 5 and 6 since it shows how the disruption of the iphone changed drastically with siri and pc free. At that point is when the iphone can start to take over the role of a computer and how someone can do all of their messaging hands off due to siri.

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  1. Anthony Hector

    Apple’s operating system has been the difference between every other smartphone and the iphone. The reasons why people love the iphone is due to the simplicity of the phone. I would argue that it is in large part the ios that makes that difference. All the others smartphones that are out have very similar features to the iphone. Some of them even allow more flexibility to alter the operating system. Many people believe that since there might be more flexibility to alter the operating system then it is a better phone than the iphone.

    The iphone is definitely the most owned phone today and that is due to most people who buy phones do not care to alter the operating system. The operating system of the iphone is trusted because everyone knows that the operating system is still there and with each new phone, the Ios gets even better. I remember from the first iphone people liked the size of the icons and how they were organized. The main problem with the sophisticated smartphone is that it might be to confusing to figure out how to work it. That was the most attracting thing about the first generation iphone is that it created that trust with the customer that iphone operating system is easy to use. This was the first major phone with the touch screen interface so that was definitely a huge plus, but adding the smooth operating system put the icing on the cake.

    The next several operating systems that came out for apple were generally similar, but each had improvements to them. Apple knew from the first iphone that people would be hooked and Apple did exactly what they needed to do to keep on enhancing their product. Apple has created a recipe for success that has been a pattern with their releases of the iphone. Major improvement for the phone usually do not come out until the next number comes out, for example from the iphone 4 to the iphone 5. Apple releases a different version of their phone like the iphone 4 to the 4s. The s releases always deliver with improvements , but those improvements are usually an increase processor and better camera. These are definitely improvements, but they really do not physically change the phone till the next release. The interior upgrade to the iphone is really to keep up or stay ahead of their competitors smartphones.

  2. Andrew Lentini

    Apple one of the greatest companies to ever be founded, their products have changed the world forever. Apple seems to be everywhere you go with all of their products being around you at all times. Most people have IPhones probably yourself included. IPhones are not the only thing that Apple has made. Obviously they have their wonderful computer collection which includes laptops and desktop computers. The IPad and IPod are a couple of their other big products. Apple also recently bought Beats headphones for 3 BILLION dollars. Apple is the dominating company when it comes technology and they have continues to show that year after year. Their most popular product though the IPhone has been a hit ever since it was first introduced back in 2006. With every phone that you get there needs to be a operating system that goes with it so it can function and go at its full potential. In 2007 the first operating system for the IPhone was introduced IOS 1 which grabbed the public’s attention right away many of these features were never before seen by the world. You were able to go on the internet at any time basically anywhere. IOS 1 though was very basic with it not having many of the features that the great IPhones have today. It was a flip phone on steroids with some additional features but was still lacking many of the features people wanted. IOS 2 was introduced and helped introduce the APP store which would go on to change Apple forever. In the App store you had a million choices of thing you could do, games, book, and countless other apps that were handy. One major issue with the phones was battery life so Apple worked hard to change that and help improve it. IOS 3 introduced one of my favorite features of the IPhone and that is the Find My IPhone. All the time people are losing their phone and trying to call it scrambling to find it. With this new feature you were able to go on an app and simply click a button and it would tell you the exact location of your phone on a map. This has saved me many times from losing my phone and I will be forever grateful to Apple for doing this. IOS 5 is one of the next biggest updates to come to IPhones this update introduced Siri. Siri is basically a personal assistant. With the touch of a button you can ask it any questions and it will be able to answer them for you in a quickly and timely matter. IMessage was also introduced which let you message people that also had IPhones instantly. IMessage works through the internet and sends your message much faster than a normal text message. Many people started to believe that they did not need to own a PC anymore because they always had one in their pocket and I would agree with them. An IPhone is a small computer that can basically do everything the normal person wants out of a PC. For IOS there was only 1 more major advancement Apple made in the following years and that was the Touch ID. This was a way to unlock your phone by only using your finger print. This made for easy access while still having security on your phone. This is one of my favorite things Apple has done with the IPhone Touch ID is amazing. To be completely honest I hate buying everything Apple, almost every piece of technology I buy is from Apple and I feel like I am not giving the other companies their fair shot. Apple has the best products out there on the market and that is why I will always buy an IPhone.

  3. Marquise Moseley

    Apple was by far the biggest/most influential companies to ever grace the cellphone world. Apple created the most popular phone in the smartphone era. I remember back in the day when I was still walking around with a flip phone in my pocket, and everyone else was walking around with a smartphone. When I got my first phone I in school with the Motorola Razor, and I honestly thought that it was coolest phone around and it made me feel like a big shot. I had the razor for most of my younger days when I was in middle school, but then the world began with smartphones. Unfortunately, I never experienced the development of the IPhone, but I did have a smart phone. I went with the LG Dare, so I was not lucky enough to experience the apple IPhone transformation first hand. From the sounds of it the IPhone did not have much going on in its first phones, but at the same time I am basing that off of what I know today.
    Obviously the IPhone had to go through some struggles and obstacles in order to become the phone that it is today. Today it is probably the phone that almost every single person owns, and that is due to its great improvements over time. In IOS 1 the IPhone was pretty basic. It was their first crack at a smartphone, and I think that the product they released was actually pretty impressive. IOS 2 is when they got more technical, and really implemented some of the great features that we know today such as: the app store, contact search, and a stronger battery life. These are some of the features that make Apple who they are today. The Apple app store has evolved over time and really made itself standout amongst the other competitors in the market. IOS 3 is where the big time money makers came into play such as: Facetime video chat, copy, cut and paste, the landscape keyboard, and find my IPhone. These features are still around in the phone today, and the feature of find my IPhone really makes Apple different from their competitors. Facetime was also another big feature that still till this day separates IPhone from the rest of their cellphone competitors. The rest of the IOS updates such as 4-9 (which is to date) is what makes Apple’s IPhone the IPhone. Over the course of these updates it led to the major improvements of the phone, and the features it presents to its users.
    I just recently got on board with the IPhone around the time they started making IOS 6, and I have remained loyal to Apple all the way to today. In my mind after experiencing the droid and IPhone, the two most popular smartphone brands, I believe that the IPhone is the best phone that you can get in this day and era. Over time since their first phone they have made tremendous strides in their operating system, look, camera resolution, and more. It is almost like they were competing with themselves over the years, and just trying to one up their last phone. No other phone really compares to Apple’s unique product. The evolution of the IPhone over the years was tremendous, and I am glad that I got to see this video truly explaining it to me from the day one start. It really puts things into perspective of how far Apple has come, and also how much they have grown over time. Apple is the best product out right now when it comes to technology.

  4. Matthew Flanagan

    Personally, I have never been a fan of apple products. However, it is hard not to be impressed with how far there technology has come. The original Iphone was a corny piece of junk that was just as useless as any other “smart phone” at the time. iOS 1 for today’s standards is comparable to a flip phone. For its time it was not bad. It gave the user access to the interned through safari and it made it possible to download music and other files without a computer. iOS 2 was not a huge improvement only adding a few features.
    The iOS 3 was much better than the first and second, but it was with iOS 4 when the operating systems actually became very good. With the iOS 3, you were finally able to copy and paste, and send multimedia messages. A landscape keyboard was also introduced and so was facetime video chat. These features really made the phone much more practical. With iOS 4, the major improvement was Verizon support. This made it possible to get an iPhone at Verizon and all of the other carriers were soon to follow. iOS 4 also came with the introduction of the iPad. Some of the more well-known changes were made to iOs 5 with the introduction of Siri. Also, imessage and iCloud were created for iOS 5, which made it much easier to store media and communicate with other people who had imessage. iOS 6 came with minor improvements to maps and Siri. It also introduced passbook, which I have never even heard of. With the iphone 5 came iOS 7. This came with a visual overhaul, control center, airdrop, and most importantly the Touch id. The Touch ID was revolutionary when it came out. I almost didn’t believe it was real when I first found out that it had touch ID. Now iOS 8 has many more convenience features like quick type which just makes the phone easier to use. The thing I like the most about it is the pressure sensitivity. This makes it possible to preview links by applying more pressure to the screen without actually opening the link on the main screen.
    I have never considered getting an apple product… until iOS 8 came out. I think this actually is one of the most well designed software’s on the market. I still don’t like how expensive the name is, but it is much better than most of the android phones out now. With iOS 8, apple maximizes how much the user can do with the phone. There are so many features and tools that you get with an Iphone that you can’t get anywhere else. Like Siri, the control panel, imessage, pressure sensitivity, and facetime. These are just some of the reasons that apple has seriously made an amazing product and revolutionized the industry.

  5. Joseph Belli

    Everyone is familiar with Apple’s genius marketing ability to influence anyone to buy their products. One thing I believe they market exceptionally well is how simple their technology is, which can be observed through the transformation of their IOS. A lot has changed from IOS 1 to now. If you were to compare the two side-by-side, it would be very difficult to see how one could eventually change to the other. The simplicity of IOS 1 is so obsolete compared to today that it simply would not hold up to the standards of society, as people expect a lot out of phones today. We need the ability to send and receive emails, texts, calls, voicemails as well as browse the internet, utilize maps, read magazines or books, and play games all at the palm of our hands. Once all of these things were able to be multi-tasked, the iPhone truly caused disruption as now we have infinite distractions at our finger tips.

    My first phone was the Envy 2, a small brick-like phone that opened sideways for a full QWERTY keyboard. The only thing I could do on it was send and receive texts, calls, and voicemails. It had internet capability, but at the time internet service on phones was so horrid that browsing was nearly impossible. I did not get my first iPhone until my sophomore year of high school and at this point internet connection had improved to a point where it seemed significant but really wasn’t.

    As compared to Android phones, IPhones are much more simple. Androids offer plenty of more capabilities and room for customization. I find this kind of intimidating and while I have had an android before, I definitely prefer iPhones because of how simple and compatible they are with all other apple devices through the cloud.

    Apple clearly has the most preferred and user friendly software. As long as Apple maintains simplicity and their market consistency, they will continue to run the smartphone market.

  6. Rushil Gandhi

    Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is probably the most popular software known to society these days. It is everywhere quite literally and metaphorically. It is even being integrated in the cars that we drive today in terms of Apple CarPlay. As a result, learning about the history of this piece of technology plays a key role in the education that we are receiving. By today’s standards the early versions of iOS seem to be very cumbersome and not very user friendly. Not having the ability to search contacts, copy and paste, push notifications really does make iOS 1 look like it is part of the technological dark ages. However, it set the foundation for the most popular mobile operating system that we have today. The release of iOS 2 and all its iterations fixed many of the issues found in iOS 1 and started to look somewhat like the operating system we find on smartphones today. With the launch of iOS 3 more additions came that made the iPhone stand out as a true smart phone. Multitasking, voice control, Facetime amongst other things meant that the user was connected to the world everywhere they went. It also lead the way in terms of the abundant number of tasks the device to complete in one go. An individual could go from sending a text message to checking their Facebook feed or their blog on the internet at the touch of a button. Nevertheless, iOS was still not visually pleasing to the eye. Some apps jittered when it came to animations and others just did feel very smooth. But for the time iOS was ground breaking and amazed most of the technology industry. The software was made more visually appealing with the launch of iOS 7 which brought bright colors and cool animations and gestures to add even more functionality. The implementation of a biometric fingerprint scanner for security also furthered its cause as the leading software technology. Its simplicity combined with the visually beautiful interface meant that it won over many iPhone users instantly. However, iOS has been plagued with many significant bugs and errors since its launch. Some of them were acknowledged by Apple and fixed immediately, others not so much. Living with a sibling who uses the iPhone I still hear complains about software glitches when it comes to sending messages and battery drain related issues. Apple’s iOS is a fantastic operating system that in recent years has been plagued with bugs. This ultimately ruins its reputation a little bit in my eyes. But if Apple were to release the next iteration of iOS with little to no known bugs then it will be a very hard software to compete with.

  7. Tamila Garayo

    Since the iPhone’s debut in 2007, the world was introduced to a new pioneering software. Its touchscreen operating system was far from standard, or what anyone was used to during that time period. Steve Jobs was quoted as stating, “We are all born with the ultimate pointing device – our fingers- and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.”
    I personally did not own the first iPhone, I could only admire it from a far through my wealthy friends and it was amazing. Every chance I got to hold the phone I would explore. From what I do remember about iPhone OS was its safari browser as well as it’s “widgets” which included camera, calendar, stocks, mail, weather, camera, clock, notes and even calculator. It was a very simple system, but I fell in love with it right away. I had the World Wide Web in the palm of my hand and I knew that it was just the beginning for the generation of the iPhone.
    When the next model came out in July 2008, I was very ambitious and worked very hard to get the phone. It was all over the news, third parties we’re beginning to create apps for the platform. The 2.0 software introduced the App Store, developers created thousands of apps and even touched up on some of the widgets previously mentioned. I was convinced that I was in heaven, this gadget was everything that I ever dreamed up. Of course, this was nothing with what was about to come.
    When I was in Highschool I remember there was a commercial on TV which spoke on behalf of the “iOS 4”, it was about to reach platform history. Steve Jobs in an Apple press release. “We’re delivering over 100 new features, including multitasking, folders, a unified inbox, deeper Enterprise support and an iPhone version of our iBooks reader and online bookstore.” Facetime was personally my favorite feature. Apple brought video chats to life right from our cellphone device. It was talked about everywhere, even in music. This iPhone revolution was happening right before our very eyes.
    Apple than came out with a new feature, Siri which is everyone’s go to lifeline. This intelligent assistant helps us get anything done just by the sound of our voice. It also released iCloud which wirelessly updated things like our contacts and photos, and it’s famous iMessage! Things only keep on improving such as camera quality and functionality as a whole.
    These days iOS has a radically new design, with a fresh look. Personally speaking, it took me a while to grow onto it. I have been so used to the old design, however much outdated it may be. However now, I wouldn’t ever want to go back. The evolutionary change of iOS has been remarkable. I would of never thought that we would be where we are today. Watching Youtube videos was once the most entertaining thing to do, now you have thousands of options. We are at the best version of iOS yet, I’m almost skeptical to the next version to see if it can even top this one. But these days we never know what Apple is capable of.

  8. Eric A Novembre

    “IOS has seen an enormous amount of change over the last few years. When the first iPhone was released, the most entertaining thing to do was to watch YouTube videos and try to find a few web-based games. This was a time before apps, multi-tasking, or folders. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how iOS has transformed from a simple touch operating system, lacking a lot of key features, to a true computing behemoth with more features and tools than one user could possibly need.” I would have to say Apples software IOS is the most popular software to this date. The software always presents itself as the future and it is feels futuristic. Window may have started it all, but Apple made it ten times better and no other software right now doesn’t compare. The evolution from the first iPhone software to the IOS 7 has been remarkable. “The biggest news about iOS 2.0 was the App Store. Released on July 11th, 2008, the App Store and iOS 2.0’s support for third-party apps gave users access to thousands of apps created by developers. Supported by iTunes and Apple’s carefully crafted ecosystem, the App store pushed the iPhone years ahead of the competition by providing limitless possibilities on the iPhone. Pretty soon everyone was hearing the catch phrase ‘there’s an App for that’”. When IOS 2 came out, push email was brought into it. It was so Apple could make room for all the new app icons. That is also when apple introduced the home screen page. Other features that were brought into the new IOS 2 software was Microsoft office documents, the ability to screen shot, which became very popular. Also to save any photo that you browsed on safari. IOS 2 really made a change in Apples game. Instead of everyone buy blackberry’s they started buying the iPhones, and from there on they have been the number 1 selling product in the world. “IOS 3 was one of the biggest iOS releases Apple has pushed out. While it didn’t have any earth-shattering new features, the small improvements Apple made to iOS were many. Most of the new features could already be found on competing platforms and were highly requested additions. Released on June 17 2009, iOS 3.0 brought the ability to finally cut, copy and paste. GPS accuracy was also greatly improved, and Apple added a magnetic compass to the iPhone’s Maps app. Video recording had not been supported in iOS until the release of iOS 3.0, however the iPhone 3GS was the only iOS device that could take video at the time. Along with adding support for MMS, the SMS app was renamed to Messages. Find my iPhone was introduced through MobileMe. Spotlight search also came into play in iOS 3.0 as well as the ability to tether an iPhone to a computer.”
    Hein, Buster. “The Evolution Of IOS: From IPhone OS To IOS 7 | Cult of Mac.” Cult of Mac. N.p., 18 Sept. 2013. Web. 04 Dec. 2015.

  9. Daniel Kelly

    I have always found that being the first to own the new IPhone, IPad etcetera was actually quite a terrible idea and the video seems to confirm it for me because in addition to the ridiculously high price, it seems that the software is always severely lacking in its first iteration. And seeing what we have today makes just about any and all IOS products look positively antiquated, not being able to copy or paste and being unable to view attachments in emails. The concept is purely unthinkable. Then again Windows Vista came out around the same time and everyone admits that it was a terrible idea. It took three systems to get the ability to copy and paste and that is positively ridiculous. Currently I use an IPhone 4S and other than an unnatural slowdown caused by hardware degredation, I have had no issues with the phone meaning that after a certain point the technology only gets a little faster and a little better. IPhones, I think, no longer can justify they massive price tags and soon enough the Apple business model of selling innovation at high prices will decline. Because they no longer had the one thing their competitors lacked, actual innovation. Watching the technical progression of the IOs system makes me think that they have always had a slight deficiency in this department but made up for it in the fact that nobody else was really doing a tablet/phone in one and certainly no other company could replicate their success. The only thing that keeps Iphone’s selling like they do is a certain sense of nostalgia that is people like the name and the product has the inherent social value attached to the Apple brand. But that will eventually fail them as other companies catch up to them hardware and software wise. Android may overtake or even the windows phone if they can work out integration issues that I have previously mentioned in other comments.
    Perhaps Siri will be their way to save the company and the brand, with a technology that many people still wonder about and expect great things. But all I have ever done with Siri is use it to occasionally make a call and, more often, ask it to tell jokes. The product is currently a joke and has not integrated itself into our lives the way I believe Apple wanted her to. I simply do not use Siri even when it is available to me because it is not efficient enough nor is it cool to talk to my phone. I do not ask important questions, I google them like everybody else. She may work for now but there needs to be more for me to get excited about a computer telling me the answers to things, she needs to be more complex. As for the rest of Apple, their laptops have fallen off the map for me and I have no idea what OS they currently run on, maybe it is polar bear or something and it simply does not matter. For their laptops, Apple seems to have done what everyone else did and stop caring.


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