Healthcare-Sciences Cohesive Research Findings

After researching the various technologies disrupting the healthcare and science industry, a video has been made to compile all of the findings of the healthcare-sciences team. The technologies discussed in the final presentation video are IBM Watson, 3D printing, tissue engineering, and genetic modification. Each new piece of technology offers a different way in how people’s lives will be impacted, however all bring about changes to the social system society has set in place. Changes include how long people are now able to live for, an increased ability to detect diseases, reduce risk during organ transplants, and assist those struggling with disease. The video is posted above but please refer here to discover the team’s research findings.

2 thoughts on “Healthcare-Sciences Cohesive Research Findings

  1. Aaron Varghese

    This post provided very interesting information regarding the new disruptions in the Healthcare field. IBM Watson’s disruptive medical research will revolutionize the medical field. It can get information across faster and allow for people to get necessary treatment at a much more faster speed than humans can. Not only that, but certain medical calculations through IBM Watson will be able to be performed at much more precise speeds, eliminating many human errors. Imagine the use of IBM Watson in third world countries! I have always had an interest in the medical field and know from personal research how difficult is for certain nations to get necessary medical treatment. While some nations are unfortunate to have overly strict governments that prevent access at times to necessary medical treatment for its people, there are other times where communication is just to slow and by the time the correct treatment is readily available it is too late. We hear countless stories of this in places like Africa of children and adults dying of diseases due to poor nutrition or infected resources. Many times, we only hear of these events once it is too late and the death toll is already high. With IBM Watson disrupting the medical field however we are able to have new hope in regards to these avoidable deaths. IBM Watson has the ability to replace the slow processing prior to its coming and has the ability to maximize efficiency during times of medical crisis. I look forward to seeing this advance in IBM Watson.
    I also had no idea how critical 3D Printing was before watching this video. I had known for some time that 3D printing was being utilized by the medical field for certain purposes. I remember Professor Shannon’s example of how a bladder was made from a 3D printer and was able to use precise dimensions for the patient. One the model was inserted into the body, tissues in the body began to form around the new model bladder and create an entirely new bladder thanks to 3D printing. This is also crazy! After hearing the story from Netherlands and China and the possible disruption of 3D printing creating organs with live tissue is simply astounding. I have no idea what to personally make of this hypothesis. All I do know is that many people’s lives are being saved thanks to 3D printing and many more can potentially be saved if 3D printing advances to the incredible levels that are hypothesized by some ingenious thinkers of scientific society.
    Overall I found this idea very interesting. I had mentioned before in a previous comment about microchip technology being utilized in the health care field starting with California. This microchip would provide all the medical information for an individual opposed to the files stored in a database that can be deleted or the social security card that can be lost at times. Well, let me leave with this thought that was given to me from professor Shannon himself. According to a highly renowned researcher whose predictions about future trends is 85%, humans will soon have a microchip that gives them access to the entire internet. This could also mean huge things for the medical field as well, given that everyone will know how to handle a common cold or even know if they have cancer from the spot.

  2. Themba Lungu

    The video in this post compiles data on various technologies that are contributing to the healthcare and science industry. These pieces of technology include the IBM Watson, 3D printing, tissue engineering, and genetic modification. The advancements in technology are effecting many different fields and it is interesting, exciting, and beneficial that they are being adopted in the medical field. These advancements will help people live longer by increasing the detection and assistance of diseases and reducing organ transplants.
    The IBM Watson is an interesting piece of technology as it has the ability to process and translate a significant amount of medical information faster than humans while also eliminating human error. This allows for more efficient means of detecting diseases so the necessary precautions and treatments can be taken. I believe that out of all the new technology that this video covered, the IBM Watson has the ability to be the most revolutionary. The idea of 3D printing in the medical field is something I have known about for some time now. I believe that it can be and will be critical in creating organs with live tissues, reducing the need for organ transplants. 3D printing is a relatively new idea and I believe that we are only scratching the surface with its potential. I believe as time goes on and this technology advances it can be utilized in more ways in the medical field. Genetic modification is a radical idea that excites me the most. As a huge comic book fan I can only imagine the positive, and possibly negative, outcomes of tampering with human DNA. The possibilities are endless and can go as far as the human imagination. This could be the first step in creating a super soldier serum ala Captain America. The benefits of this could allow our species to evolve into homo-sapiens-superior and the benefits from this could reduce a lot of the bad ailments in society.
    In this technological age that we live in the possibilities are endless. As long as keep the focus on helping others and not personal gains the advancement in technology can be used to better society; connecting others across the globe and preventing others from horrific situations. I believe we are only scratching the surface of how we can use technology to benefit society and I believe that sooner, rather than later, we will the see the repercussions of these advancements.


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