Geoengineering Will Not Fix Our Energy Problem

Researchers in the field of climate change and energy have been spending a lot of time looking into a practice known as geoengineering; deliberately changing the environmental processes of the earth. This practice is one that could be very beneficial to our climate, and may be an option we must resort to in the future, but it is not the answer. This has become a hot topic in the field of science, and I fear that the current administration, who refuses to acknowledge climate change, will resort to this practice and neglect the efficiency of our energy. Rather than worrying about emissions now, and looking to modernize our systems, they will take the “we will fix it later” approach they use with everything. This should not be our last resort, we must continue looking for solutions to fixing our energy systems, by taking a modern approach in which we look to maximize efficiency. This efficiency can be described as providing the most output, with the least emissions and other negative side effects. Prefacing with that, I would like to examine geoengineering, as I believe it will be highly beneficial, I just wanted to point out that its not the only answer.

The goal I have been working towards in this research process, is finding a solution for efficient energy that mitigates effects on the climate as much as possible. So far, I have identified methods to reduce emissions, boost supply, and not harm the climate. As I said earlier, in this post I would like to examine a hot topic that is being talked about as an answer to our energy problem. Geoengineering  is essentially hacking the climate, whether it is glaciers, rocks, waterways, and other natural parts of the environment. This “hacking’ involves fixing problems created by emissions, and other side effects of our energy sources, such as coal. This hacking could actually be a good thing, I believe this should be used as supplemental assistance in the effort of making our energy more efficient. For example, carbon emissions are one of the major reasons our earth is warming, polar climates are melting, and the ozone layer is depleting. The current administration has neglected carbon emissions, for example pulling out of the Paris Agreement. I fear that this trend is going to continue, and we are in for a terrifying future. I don’t want to see them neglect the climate science, and leave our outdated energy sector the way it is. They need to work towards addressing these issues now, rather than later. Final point on this issue, I would love to see this climate hacking implemented as supplemental assistance for reducing emissions and other negative effects, now not later!

Now, the main question is what is the solution? The solution is the complete opposite of what we are seeing now. WE need to ensure that our energy policies are innovative, and continue to push an agenda of modernization into more clean and renewable sources. Right now, we are going back to coal and other fossil fuels, this is simply ineffective and harmful to the environment. We need to make a push towards more solar, nuclear, and electric sources of energy. Studies show that fossil fuels are damaging the climate, and even the inhabitants of the earth. This is not a sustainable model, and we must continue looking for effective solutions. Continuing to invest in these technologies, building our workforce, and limiting the amount of carbon emissions allowed, is a great start for mitigating negative environmental effects. This is a very basic, but effective framework for cleaning up our energy and ensuring the safety of our climate. The switch to clean energy such as solar and nuclear will save us a lot of time, before we need to manually edit the environment. To me, this is unethical, and risky. This is why we need to start right now; actively pursuing efficient sources of energy.


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