Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping

“Get in loser we’re going shopping”


A phrase coined by the ever so popular movie, Mean Girls, may not be able to be used anymore. Isn’t it crazy that we no longer have to go in our car and drive to the mall because every single brand, style, and design is all at your fingertips? Now, you can sit at home, watch Netflix, chill in your sweatpants with your hair tied all while buying the new Fall line at J. Crew. During the internet boom of the 1990’s, many retail stores created websites for their stores and explored the untapped ECommerce market. Online shopping has been around for a while but, at first people were afraid to shop online because of sizing problems and they were afraid that it may not look like the picture. But, now it’s popular and we all do it. From our Moms to our friends to our little cousins, everyone shops online. In today’s day and age, online shopping is not a new concept and we all do it.

So where are we going now in the world of retail? A fairly new trend is the monthly subscription box. This business model automatically charges you a fee every month and sends you something fun! It ranges from makeup, jewelry, clothes, socks, dog treats, to razors. There is a wide variety of monthly subscription boxes and what you can receive in your box.

Here is a link with subscription boxes for women.


Here is a link with subscription boxes for men.

I signed up for, a popular athletic clothing website. You get your first outfit for $25 after signing up to be a VIP member, meaning they will charge you $49.95 a month whether or not you buy any clothes. If you buy an outfit, the monthly fee will be deducted from your total. I signed up to get my first outfit for $25 and completely forgot about cancelling my VIP membership. I was charged for 3 months of outfits before I realized what was happening. I did not want to buy $150 worth of workout clothes but, had to and I immediately cancelled my membership. The business model of a monthly subscription box is stellar because there are many people like me who will forget they signed up and continue getting charged. There are also many people who receive the boxes and are too lazy/forget to send back what they do not like.

Here is a link for popular subscription boxes.

The face of retail is constantly changing and updating and this is a great new trend and we will see if it lasts! Stay updated by following our tag RetailDisruption!

2 thoughts on “Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping

  1. Miles N

    Online shopping has become huge across the world. People who do not have time to go to the real stores love the convenience and the reliability of shopping online. When it first came out it there were many people who were skeptical and probably swore they would never shop online, but now with stores reliability and ease of returns everyone is more than happy to give it a try. “Get in loser were going shopping” by Prachi Makkar is an article that looks into one of the newest sales tools sweeping the nation. The idea of a monthly fee that you pay and in turn you receive a box of merchandise. This business model is a new way to keep people interested in what you’re selling and to keep people coming back with your monthly membership. There are boxes for everyone and everything. They have boxes with clothes, food, household supplies and even boxes for dogs. This new market has never been tapped until now. With so many different options on what you can buy there is really a box out there for everyone. Ms. Makkar raises a very good point when she stated “The business model of a monthly subscription box is stellar because there are many people like me who will forget they signed up and continue getting charged”. This is an excellent point because many people with their busy lives and many things going on will not remember to cancel a subscription and instead will, like Prachi, continue to get charged. After reading a few articles some companies are more willing to make up for their customers forgetting they had subscriptions. Some companies refunded their customers, well others allowed them to buy more products with the money even after the subscription was canceled. This model helps businesses by making online shopping even more convenient than it already is. After doing some research there are some box selling websites that will do all the work for you. What that means is you simply tell them what kind of styles you like and input your sizes and they will do the rest for you. The company will pick the clothes based on what you said and send them to you every month as long as you pay the fee. This is the epitome of convenience. These kinds of boxes are geared more towards men, because there are many men in the world who do not have the time or the fashion sense to pick their own clothes and look nice. These types of websites will do all of that for you.
    Shopping online has become a norm in society and revolutionized how we shop. People love it so much because of its reliability and for the convenience. It todays fast paced world, people are always looking for something to save them time. This article by Prachi Makkar was written very well and explained the idea behind a new up and coming product. She raised very good points about how this will help companies and how they can continue to make money from these types of subscriptions.

  2. Jennifer Scari

    This article, written by Prachi Makkar, was quite interesting and very well written. I was originally drawn to the article because of the title, Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping. It was immediately recognized as a famous line from an even more famous movie, Mean Girls. This recognizable quote was an excellent attention grabber that made me want to read the article and find out what it was all about. It turns out the article actually was about shopping. Although this quote is talking about going shopping in an active manner, the article actually claims that the traditional way of shopping is going out of style and will eventually not really be used in the future. The claims made to back this point state that things like shopping online is much more convenient and a time saver. I certainly agree with this point. Shopping online has been around for many years now, which has enabled companies to work through a lot of delivery and return issues that were original set backs in the online shopping industry. The time saving aspect is an obvious one. If you know exactly what you are looking for it is very easy to just search for it online and order the merchandise, without the hassle of leaving your home.
    The article goes further to say that there are new trends in the realm of online shopping. It discusses a new type of branding, which includes the purchase of a box that will send you monthly gifts for men or women. It enables you to try several new items each month that you would potentially be interested in depending on gender and age. This new subscription box is a brilliant way for the companies to make money. I personally do not subscribe to one of these; however, I know quite a few people that do and they very much enjoy getting the monthly gifts from the box subscription.
    The world of retail is constantly adjusting to the needs and wants of the consumer. The author of this article did a nice job discussing this. The subscription of a monthly box, which sends things as varied as jewelry to dog treats, is one way that I would have never expected the retail industry to go. As I stated previously this article was very well written and caught my attention. One critique I would mention is that in the beginning of this article, the author mentioned that physically going to a mall to shop may not be a thing anymore, due to the amount of online shopping that is now being done. Although I believe a lot of people shop online now more than ever, at this point in time I believe a great deal of people also continue to go shopping at a bricks and mortar location. Shopping is not always considered a hassle, and is actually an occasion that many, myself included, look forward to. Shopping and trying things on in a store are pass times that many enjoy and will continue to enjoy. Receiving good customer service and interacting with others are just some of the things that cannot be attained through online shopping. With this said, it is something that I would have considered towards the beginning of the article. I am referring of course to the first sentence stating the phrase, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping”, may not be used anymore. I believe that shopping at bricks and mortar locations is something that will survive for some time still; however, I certainly agree that many people have switched to online shopping when time just does not permit a trip to the mall or outlet store. Overall, this article was a joy to read and a topic I will certainly keep updated with.


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