Google Reveals there Quantum Computer


As mentioned in prior post about Quantum computing it has become a breakthrough in today’s society and more relevant to the economy as well as businesses greatest asset. Along with quantum come their effects to education, machine learning, energy. But Google has just revealed there Quantum computer and what they believe to be the best computer and no computer can compare to it. Googles quantum computer would have nearly 50 qubits making it a powerful supercomputer that has surpassed conventional computing which is also known as “Quantum Supremacy“. There intention of the quantum computer is to create a system where it supports 49 qubit superposition. Google has begun running their test on the quantum computer starting a 20 qubits and by the end of 2017 they plan to have 49 qubits fully functioning and working for the upcoming year. Googles quantum computers will make personalized medicine reality, parsing out the function of every protein in the human genome and modeling their interactions with all possible complex molecules very quickly. Quantum computing will make a drastic change to our medical, science, engineering sectors bringing us limitless outcomes to technological advances in the future and it starts now.

Will Google succeed with their new quantum computer? Google has been running a series of test with there quantum computer called coin-flip. This happens by storing two numbers and choosing one of them at a random each time. The coins are suppose to behave like particles to obey the laws of quantum mechanics. There are 50 coins that will act in place of a qubit so Google can test there theory about quantum computing. I will say from reviewing Googles breakthrough in quantum computing, it looks like they still have a long way to go knowing some of there testing has not worked in there favor. Google has some minor kinks they need to work out before revealing such an important machine to the public that can cause damaged if not properly ready to be on the market. Moreover, I strongly believe that googles quantum computing breakthrough was merely an act to say they did it first and other companies might prolong there time to release there quantum computers. But releasing there technology so early could be a defect to there own process causing numerous effects.

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