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  1. Alex Vovk

    It is late Wednesday evening, November 25, 2015, a day before Thanksgiving, when the overwhelming majority of people in every state in the United States of America are preparing for the annual food fest, start looking forward to getting together with the family on Thursday and make plans to catch a few NFL games on TV while blissfully slipping into post-holiday tryptophan-induced food coma. I am looking forward to the undefeated Carolina Panthers (10-0) vs Dallas Cowboys (3-7) game. It is always a good time to watch Cowboys get beat up. Anyway, Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, and a time honored tradition whose origins go back to the autumn of 1621, minus the NFL games on TV, of course, and college students all over the country travel home to keep the tradition alive.

    A short holiday break allows us to decompress, catch up on some sleep, forget about the upcoming finals, bring home a pile of laundry for mom to wash, play with the dog (or a cat, if you are one of those people), and generally try to get away with doing as little as possible to feel the stress drain from our bodies. Yes, contrary to the popular opinion, and regardless of the widespread conviction that we are a bunch of spoiled, unappreciative, lazy bums, we students do get stressed. Little things like grades, tests, loans, weather, and bleak employment outlook, to name just a few, tend to cause us a little emotional discomfort to varying degrees.

    That is why I surprised myself when I made an executive decision to spend a few hours working on my weekly comments on the blog posts due this Friday. My own surprise is nothing compared to my parents’, who with shocked expressions on their faces at the sight of me voluntarily working on my assignments the night before Thanksgiving are in the process of making preparations for the holiday meal. I am not sure exactly if I am in a particularly masochistic mood or, which is much more likely, just trying to position myself to have a valid excuse to be excluded from the obligatory house cleaning that precedes friends and family coming over for the holidays. Anyway, here I am, with a laptop fired up, my Chrome browser opened to the DT&L Blog page, trying to find a suitable post on which to comment. Not as simple as it sounds, considering I have mentally shut down my academic mode, temporarily of course, so the task is more challenging than usual. Adding to the challenge is my dog who is overcome with emotions from the entire family being home, and wants me to play with her. But I am determined to complete at least one comment tonight, so the game of fetch in the backyard with my dog will have to wait.

    As compelling and relevant as the topics of Intellectual Property rights, tissue engineering, 3D printing, and virtual reality are, I decided to really go outside the box and pick a blog entry I knew no one else would voluntarily select for commenting. What attracted me to “Welcome to the DT&L Blog!” was the promise of freedom to write on whatever topic I felt like, or no particular topic at all, which is the reason for this stream of consciousness. The blog entry is not long, comparable to some posts of similar length on Seth Godin’s blog, so I will reproduce it in its entirety – “Welcome to your blog … ready for your content. So … it’s all yours …”

    Thank you, Professor Shannon, for making my task on this Wednesday night both challenging and fun. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Go Pirates!



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