How DT&L and Virtual Reality Changed Me

Hello everyone! For my blog post this week, I thought it’d be fun to share a video of how DT&L, and Virtual reality really opened my eyes. In the video I discuss my reasons why I took Disruption, Technology, and Law, what VR and AR are, and the most interesting aspects of them I learned. It’s been an eye opening class, and I don’t regret taking it at all. DT&L is and always will be an eye opening class. I have learned more about myself that in any other course. Enjoy my video, and feel free to leave comments!

1 thought on “How DT&L and Virtual Reality Changed Me

  1. Jesse Klarfeld

    To start off this comment, I would just like to say how professional and presentable Allison Yashay was in this informative and interesting video. I was immediately grabbed into watching the rest of the video as she included not only personal aspects of disruptive technology, but also how the class is, what it is about, and how these things really have an impact on companies and ultimately society. I was completely drawn into every word Yashay said because she was very elaborate and enthusiastic. Her eye contact and communication skills are really what drove me to watch this intellectual and brilliant ten-minute video.

    I learned a lot from this video and I even may take this class if it is a possibility. I learned that even if we think there isn’t any disruption going on, there is most certainly something in that nature. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me in this blog post was that VR allows us to have more than just the five senses touch, feel, smell, taste, and hear.

    One of the first examples and research that Yashay came upon was that some fashion industries are looking into having virtual reality mirrors in which they can “try” on clothes and decide if they would like to buy. This stood out to me because I had never heard of this before, but I think it is so fascinating that I might have to go check out her blog post on that. I think that is the coolest idea and I would definitely be willing to try such an invention out! As Yashay brought up, I myself would never expect such a revolutionizing product to be even thought about in the fashion industry.

    The second use of VR that Yashay brings up is also very intriguing. She mentions the use of educational purposes. Now, there could be many uses in education for the VR, but the aspects that Yashay brings up such as seeing the revolutionary war, or the signing of the declaration of independence is insane. I find this so amazing and makes me want to be a child in the next generation. Without a doubt visualizing history and different things that teachers sometimes struggle with to get across to kids would be much easier with this technological assistance. I agree for sure that this would have made middle school and high school history a lot more interesting.

    On the other hand, I like how a negative connotation of VR and these advancements have on society is mentioned. The loss of human touch as Yashay talks about is something that should be thought about when introducing all these technological creations into the world. We have seen how influential texting has been on children and even adults with face to face conversations or even phone calls. This is a chilling issue as human interaction is what brought us here today. This goes along with losing jobs and a good example that the video presents is that in a couple years we might not need auditors due to some machine that is much more efficient, yet not human. Finally, the emotion behind many different things such robot made music is something that I had never thought about. This would diminish the value and as Yashay asserts, “charm” in the song. Many questions are asked regarding the uses and many perspectives of VR. Overall, I would say that this blog post really did open my eyes as well and gave me a better outlook on the innovations and effects that the class DT&L, VR, and AR have on oneself and others.


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