How Technology is Helping with our Impact on the Environment

Technology is an ever advancing aspect of life, growing smarter and smarter with our passion and progress towards better artificial intelligence. With climate change an inevitable outcome of our society, our only choice is to ameliorate the severity of the change, by reducing our effect on the environment. Most countries in the world and much of the United States believes in the effects of global warming but meager efforts are being made to actually reduce our effect on the Earth. Even with the Paris Agreement, Syria sought to join the agreement to agree to make changes to be greener and help the environment, as everyone acknowledges this very real threat. This leaves the US as the only country in the World that did not sign on the climate deal. Because of the nature of our advancing technology, it is only natural that we would have it help in our efforts to alleviate our effect on the environment. There are already large scale technological efforts including Harvard University’s crop pollinating robobees as well as the prominence of driverless cars. The former is important too because bees have been dying at an alarming rate due to a disorder in colonies which could be correlated to climate change. Harvard’s robobees would solve the issue (especially in the event that the pollinating bees go extinct) by pollinating and ensuring that part of our environment is maintained. However, despite all these efforts at a greener tomorrow, the biggest and most important factor is each and every one of us, personally to watch our lifestyle. For example, we now have smart thermostats that use the internet to check the weather and adjust accordingly and are also linked to smartphones so they can be set on and off during set times of the day. Like if a family goes to work and school, heating or air conditioning is not needed between roughly 0700-1500, which saves a lot of electricity and heating bills. Amazon sells a lot of smart thermostats, many of which are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa artificial intelligence. As such, changing the temperature is as easy as saying “Alexa, lower the temperature to 65 degrees please.” There is also smart irrigation systems, as to avoid over watering your plants when you decide to turn the sprinklers on in the summer. These smart irrigation systems like Skydrop, utilise the internet also, to check weather conditions and are set to work on certain times set by the user. Skydrop knows not to activate the sprinklers if it detects that it just rained the night before for example. Overall, technology is being used widely to combat issues we recognise as problems and gives us better accessibility for it. If more and more people invest in these technologies, not only will they save money in the long run, it will greatly help the environment, which is crucial for our future, our kids futures, etc.

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  1. Sabrina Torres November 2, 2018 at 3:35 pm #

    With increasing in the change of the climate, The U.S is creating these technological advancement that are helping with this change. It states in the article that there are already large scale technological efforts including Harvard University’s crop pollinating robo bees as well as the prominence of driverless cars. They created these robot bees to be help with the decrease of bees due to a disorder of colonies. They’re role is to pollinate and ensure that our environment is maintained.
    I believe driverless cars are a big innovation that can help with the stop of climate change. This invention can cause less gas and smoke to come out of the car which will ultimately cause less pollution. Even though it was not stated in the article, I believe that electric cars as well will help the environment for the future. The idea of no gas brining fumes into the atmosphere will help it not get as polluted.
    Many technology innovations have helped the decrease of the use of electricity including amazon Alexa, and sky drop like stated in the article. Both these devices provide people with the ability to use the product when they need to rather than all the time. If more people follow these regimens to help the environment, climate change might not be an important factor that humans have to worry about anymore.

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