How Will Climate Change Affect Energy Transformation?

As the world discovers new ways to meet its growing energy needs, energy generated from Sun, which is better known as solar power, and energy generated from wind called the wind power are being considered as a means of generating power. Solar power is one of the widely used methods of renewable technology or alternative energy which is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are large flat panels made up of many individual solar cells. In the past these solar panels were predominantly used in remote locations, but today these solar panels are being installed on top of roofs of homes and schools in the urban areas as well. Whereas French Company Ciel & Terre has been developing large-scale floating solar solutions, their innovative Hydrelio Floating PV system allows PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as: drinking water reservoirs, lakes, irrigation canals, remediation and ponds, and hydro-electric dam reservoirs. The combination of solar power and wind power to produce enormous energy called the solar wind power which will satisfy all energy requirements of human kind. Power companies are increasing their efforts to address Climate change. Energy technology innovation is essential to addressing climate mitigation goals, as well as supporting economic and energy security objectives. Companies must meet these demands by providing cost-effective technologies. The reliance on fossil fuels and recent trends such as unexpected energy market fluctuations strengthen the reason to make sure that energy companies evaluate the future demand in order to adequately plan accordingly. In 2015 global climate change became a very hot topic of discussion among government leaders throughout the world. The energy sector is involved in innovations to address clean energy technologies across all sectors important for an economy based on low carbon power sources that as a result will have a minimal output of greenhouse gas emissions into the biosphere. According to wind and solar PV have the potential to provide 22% of annual electricity sector emissions reduction by 2050. With growing demand for energy, there is also a need to provide the infrastructure to provide this growing demand it forces the emerging careful management of available resources to reduce carbon dioxide by inventing low-carbon solutions.

Climate change has been such a concern on a global basis. A conference was held in Paris on December 2015 whereby all of the world’s nations agreed by consensus to all work together to take action on the issue of climate change. They reached an agreement that countries would make every effort to limit the use of greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement disallows for countries to utilize fossil fuel and an energy producer. As President Elect Donald Trump takes office we should see what his actions will entail. As of now Trump has as much stated that he will attempt to renegotiate the agreement. During the campaign Trump has as much expressed that he does not believe that climate change is manmade. There have been numerous discussions lately on the subject, but we should wait and see what transpires once he is in office.


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  1. Javon Diggs

    It’s already been discussed as to why energy is so important. The world needs it to operate, because without energy, there would be no world. But is it possible that as people are taking energy for granted, they have been unintentionally taking steps to limit its effectiveness. As the climate change and global warming starts making a bigger impact on the world, would it hurt our energy stock too? It is definitely a real possibility, and it’s time to take the necessary steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

    Some of the most popular forms of energy consumption are fossil fuels. While they are very useful and help people achieve many of their short-term needs, it is starting to have long-term detriments on the environment. They have been in use for decades now, and because technology wasn’t as advanced back then, people could not see what was going on with the environment. However, now they are starting to become clearer, and people can clearly see that the effects of fossil feuls and pollution have been very detrimental to the Earth, which has resulted in global warming. Ever since global warming begun, the climate has been in disarray. Sometimes it will be extremely cold in the spring, and it could take until late January it seems for there to finally be some snow it the winter time. And when it it cold in the winter, the temperatures drop below freezing, much lower than the average temperature for winter time. Likewise, the summertime has seen a significant increase in its temperature as well, leading to much hotter summers.

    But how will this necessarily effect energy usage. As the article above states, many people have become aware of the benefits of natural power, such as solar energy and wind power, and are starting to use them more frequently than fossil fuels. And for good reason too. They offer a very reliable source of power, are very efficient in the job that they are meant to do, and best of all, are limitless in supply. Solar energy and wind power run off of sunlight and wind, respectively, so as long as the sun in around, there will be some type of solar power. But, as the climate is now in disarray, this could also hurt the effects of natural energy as well. Less sun time means less time to use solar energy, and without that much sunlight, there will rarely be much wind for it be be useful. Without these two natural power sources, people would have to start turning more and more to fossil fuels, which is what helped cause the problem in the first place.

    Thankfully, steps are being taken to help limit the usage of fossil fuels and preserve the natural energy given to us. With all of the environmental protection operations being made now, people are making more and more of a conscious effort to not pollute the planet and preserve it. These efforts have helped limit the effects of global warming, so hopefully more and more people will become earth-friendly and preserve it as well.

  2. kaitlyn healy

    In the article “How will Climate Change Affect Energy Transformation?” by Alessandro Ragusa it is discussed how clean energy will be propelled even more into the spot light as Climate Change is a big political topic worldwide. To start the world has been hearing about solar energy for a very long time and still I feel as though it is stuck in an area that is still so unknown. What do we, the regular consumer or citizen really know about solar energy? I can tell you first hand from what I heard it can help keep our world safe from dangerous carbon emissions that are ruining our environment and in my town I can probably count on two hands how many homes are utilizing solar panels. The only time I was impressed with the use of solar power was when I visited a high school in south New Jersey and there was an entire field of solar panel and the school was powered by solar energy.
    Truth is I was not aware of how solar energy even worked until I saw the video attached to this article, and I was actually happy I got to see it because it was interesting to me. The use of sunlight to crate energy was discovered in 1873 by a man named Wiloughby Smith. He discovered the use of sunlight and selenium could create energy and cause electromagnetic radiation. In the 1950s the use of solar panels were discovered for the space program, it was discovered so our satellites could be fueled by sunlight. The adaptation of this lead to the use of solar calculators and watches because the cost to power our homes was too high for the average citizen to pay. Plus rooftop solar panels can only contribute to about 15 percent of the energy used. As time has gone on solar energy is again in the picture with Toyota making a solar run car and also the use of shrimp shells to make solar panels. Yes that was not a typo I wrote shrimp shells. Apparently the use of photosynthesis that can take place in shrimp shells can trigger a solar panel affect. I personally think this is amazing because it gives us a clean and economic way to utilize more than one natural resource.
    It’s not just the use of sun that can help us with energy, the use of wind is also something that can add to the energy crisis we could face as a planet. Scientist are trying to create a super power that is the use of wind and solar together.
    Last December the heads of different countries met in Paris to discuss what they can do to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. It was agreed upon that by 2050 we would be able to significantly decrease our emissions. The conference left with agreements that we would work worldwide to utilize clean energy. President elect Trump does want to renegotiate the agreement, so we need to see where the United States will stand on this. It is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed, we need to think of our children and how we leave this world. The use of solar power and wind power have to become cost effective in order for the average citizen to afford it.

  3. Joe Murdaco

    In this world, climate change has been an important issue in every modern debate. The question now, is not whether or not man has caused this epidemic but how to fix it. I think we are all in consensus when we say the core of our planet is increasing in temperature. It is a fact. But, we are in disarray when trying to fix this growing problem. Everything that is invented nowadays is put through an emissions of some sort. There are regulations on every business and product to ensure it is not drastically damaging our atmosphere. Every new piece of technology is now equipped with a type of “energy saver”. It is part of its marketing strategy. The energy saving technology is now a big selling point for companies. The attraction of saving our planet makes people rush to the stores and pay a large amount for the new feature. Pretty soon, everything that is sold in the stores will have some sort of feature to save energy.
    I remember solar power being a big thing in my development. A lot of houses started to wear those huge, ugly things on their roofs. I had no idea what they were but I knew they were not that appealing to the eye. They would cost a large amount of money. Some people would use them to heat their pools. Now, I realize that the panels are for an important use. They are working to cut down on the energy lost to greenhouse gas emissions. My family was extremely close to getting solar panels on our house until we saw the price. We were assured that it would be worth the cost in the long run but it was something we were not comfortable taking the risk on. The biggest obstacle for energy saving products is the cost. A lot of these devices are more expensive than the competition. We burn fuel, rubber and plastic to make a lot of things in our society which all release harmful gases. However, companies continue to use a lot of energy to produce their goods because it can be done quickly and I large quantities. It is a big benefit to them because they are then able to cut costs drastically.
    A big selling point for energy safe companies is not their prices but they cause. If they cannot cut down the costs of their product, they need to show consumers that the planet is in danger and needs help. If they tell the people that they are able to help the planet by purchasing these products, they might increase sales by a large amount. I think the government can step in and help energy safe companies. Although, I am not a big proponent of regulation, I think taxing more on products that are not environment friendly can help. If they are taxed more, their prices will have to creep closer to those of the safe companies. Then, consumers might start to invest in the better product for the planet.

  4. Vannesa Martinez

    The topic of climate change has grown popular throughout recent years and is a pertinent issue that needs to be addressed soon. This is something that people need to become more informed and aware about and how our government across the world are looking on how to handle this type of measure. The article “How Will Climate Change Affect Energy Transformation?” discusses in particular solar and wind powers. It offers an informative outlook on a new type of energy that is clean and that will be able to benefit the planet for years to come.
    This informative piece discussed how clean energy sources are being more looked into as another method that cause less damage to ozone layer of the planet and proceed significantly less greenhouse gas emissions. It is important that the public be informed of new ways that how the government or companies are searching for new ways to make our homes and our environments cleaner and to reduce the damage that we have so far been leaving across the planet for decades. I believe that it is impressive that companies are taking it upon themselves to address climate change. It is a necessity to develop clean energy innovations because if we do not do something now, then no one will. Actions like these need to be taken and need to be taken quicker if we want to see this an actual impact in the future. Just as time moves forward, we need to move forward and beyond in our progress for clean energy uses like the French Company Ciel and Terre and their development of panels on large bodies of water. With this and the combination of wind, it can harness power to operate itself, which I believe is an interesting feat. Aside from the environmental factors, economically is it a good move for companies to implement as well because a flux in fossil fuel prices can be a heavy cost for countries and companies’ budget. Thinking about this innovation from this angle is also why more companies are opting less for fossil fuels and looking into ways to develop clean energy that is cost and efficient effective.
    In the article is also mentioned the Paris Climate Agreement that took place on December 15th in Paris in which the conference discussed how all of the world’s nations can all take action on the issue of climate change. This is seen as a step forward in the right direction that the government is addressing this issue. It should never be something overlooked in any government or presidency because it is a matter that effects everyone and every single individual will feel the same result of problems of climate change are not addressed. The agreement reached as stated in the article was that the participating countries would make every effort to limit the use of greenhouse gas emissions. A positive that came out of the agreement was that there will be a decrease in utilizing fossil fuel and find another dependent source of energy. Limiting fossil fuels and putting a higher price on the market for it is one way to incentive companies to look for smarter and cleaner alternatives.

  5. Joselito Abarca

    According to President elect Donald J Trump, climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. We will have to see what his plans are regarding the issue once he gets in the office. Climate change is a major deal and we are seeing the effects today. Icebergs in the artic are melting and water levels are increasing. If this continues, many areas of the United States will be underwater. It upsets me that Climate change was not a major topic that was discussed during the presidential elections. Instead of talking about the issues at hand, the candidates were too busy bashing each other. Many animals are becoming extinct due to the weather changes caused by green houses. Humans are the reason why climate change is occurring. We are burning fossils fuels, polluting the area and the oceans. Many animals are close to extinction as they cannot resist the change in weather. Last year in December, It was warm and I remember people wearing shorts. Clearly, there is an issue that must be dealt with before it is too late or maybe it already is. We must know ask ourselves what to do in order to prevent this issue from growing. Some of things we can do is to invest in solar panels.
    In order to protect the Earth, solar power and wind power are becoming popular. Energy generated from the sun is known as solar power and energy generated from the wind is win power. Currently, solar power is a method that is being widely used of renewable technology. Consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of using solar and power energy as well as its efficiency. Solar panels were used in remote locations, however, now they are installed in homes, schools, offices and etc. My father has solar panel in his garage and he really enjoys them.When they first hit the market, solar panels were only used in remote places but are now being used in homes and schools. Wind Power is also being considered as a means of generating power. Wind and solar PV have the potential to provide 22% of annual electricity sector emissions reduction by 2050. Another thing I found interesting about the blog is how a French company Ciel & Tierre have created the Hydrelio Floating PV system allows PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water thus producing enormous amounts of energy. Its great that other alternatives are being used to help the environment. Furthermore, companies are also looking ways to help the environment.
    Leader worldwide are beginning to notice that climate change is an issue to be dealt with as soon as possible. On December 2015, a global conference was held where various nations agreed to a consensus to work together to take action on climate change. The agreement does not allow countries to use fossil fuels and energy producer. From the information we have now, President Elect Donald Trump says he will attempt to negotiate the agreement so we might have to wait and see his stance on the issue.

  6. Robert Luba

    Finding new and exciting places to put solar panels is an innovative and acceptable way of making green energy appealing to the globe. The author notes that solar panels are used on houses, but I might go further and note on their use in metropolitan areas. It is not so uncommon to spot a particularly high sky scrapper adorned with solar panels on particular sides. These panels have been designed to take in optimal energy from the sun and are strategically as to not be on the shady side of the building. By having panels in bodies of water, these French designers are taking the idea another step forward.
    Utilizing a large, flat space for the use of light energy absorption to cater to the surrounding area. Especially in places like New York, having just a few tall buildings covered with panels does not do enough good. If, however, less irrigated areas on the ocean and bay were covered with these panels, some sufficient power could be yielded.
    While some green power is good, and for some time it would have been excellent, that is true no longer. The demands for green energy is no longer just some, what a place like New York needs is large scale green replacement of all for the non-renewable energy that is currently used.
    Luckily, the poster also notes on some other forms of power acquisition that are renewable. One that has already proven to be effective is the use of hydroelectric dams. Hoover’s monumental dam had been the result of American ingenuity and man power pulling itself out of a depression. The dam has since yielded ample energy to power substantial sectors in Nevada, Kansas, and California. Although not many other natural water ways might be able to amount to the size or individual power yield of Hoover dam, many smaller dams could do some good. If many small rivers across the nation could be dammed and made to harvest energy without upsetting the ecosystem down river from the plant, good energy could be yielded from all areas of the nation.
    It is in the realization of the viability of this option that reveals the real issue. There is no incentive to change to green energy other than the threats of environmental change, something that is widely believed to be a factoid and is not being supplemented by government regulation as heavily as it should be. Without any incentive, the high startup cost of producing hydroelectric dams and buoyant solar panels is simply not worth it to the companies with enough capital and buying power to do so.
    What could lead to the spread of power around the nation on the back of hydroelectric power might be another set of government funded programs not unlike that of Roosevelt’s new deal. If government created infrastructure projects for America, green energy might be able to make a sudden and powerful change to the American consumption of energy.
    However, it might be accomplished, there is a serious need for change in how energy is yielded in America. With the demand increasing so greatly for energy, and the environmental changes already becoming noticeable, serious issues could come. If the switch is made within a few years, and time is given to the environment to recover from the decades of emissions from nonrenewable energy consumption, a return to normalcy may be observed in the foreseeable future.


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