Introduction to Retail Disruption

Hi Everyone,

This is Team Retail.

Our goal is to introduce you to retail disruption by focusing on:

4 realms- Culture, Cost, Customer and Channels


3 time-frames- Past, Present and Future

To gather our information we are using three platforms:


  1. Slack- A tool that allows us to communicate simultaneously through private channels and exchange documents
  2. Trello- A project management tool that allows us to virtually create a to-do-list with deadlines and deliverables
  3. Google Docs- A note taking tool that allows us to work collectively from various locations

You will be able to take part in our journey of acquiring and interpreting the information above by clicking the tag ShopTillWeDisrupt. This catchy tag which plays upon the idea “shop till we drop” will led you to posts and videos about our experience or our process.

Retail disruption content including the impact of new products and ideas mentioned in ShopTillWeDisrupt can be found under the tag RetailDisruption and under the Retail Category

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