Is There Enough Energy for the World?

One of the many problems third world countries face is they do not have access to energy. That does not mean there is a shortage of energy in existence for these countries; in fact, there is more than enough energy for the whole world. In the next thirty years we will see a surge in demand for energy with countries possessing rapidly developing economies. According to ExxonMobil, “global energy use growing from roughly 400 quadrillion Btus in 2000 to over 700 quadrillion Btus by 2040 with virtually all of the increase coming from outside today’s high-income countries.” One of the biggest challenges society will face over the next few decades is making sure that energy is available to all who need it. In developing countries that do have access to energy, it is often expensive and unreliable. This lack of access to energy is also restricting the growth of business and industries in developing countries.   The World Bank sees access to energy services as “a huge global equity issue.” This could not be more true, every human should have access to energy regardless of financial status. These developing countries also have very high rates of population growth; if these developing countries do not gain access to energy within the next few decades, that will only lead to millions more without energy. It is also important that the people of these developing countries are not exploited by the energy companies, or else that will create exclusive energy access.

An interesting fact that should be noted is that the demand for high income countries is not projected to change much. One factor to explain this is smaller population growth. Another reason being the increase in efficiency these countries have made requires them to consume less energy.

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