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  1. Jesse Klarfeld

    I really like this video made by John Ferry because he explains the awesome invention of a robot named “Milo” that helps kids with autism to learn social skills. Not only is this awesome in terms of a two-foot robot, but also for the mere fact that it’s one job is to help children that are struggling due to their disabilities. “Milo” is something that I have never heard about, but I think it is a really good idea. This invention touches my heart because it intends to lighten the lives of mentally challenged kids so that they too could converse with classmates, teachers, and even their parents.

    I am surprised at the statistic Ferry gives about “Milo” “being engaged by children 87% of the time as opposed to 3% of the time with humans.” This is a significant statistic because it shows the connection that “Milo” could have with a child and how it is more effective than a traditional teacher when it comes to students with autism. I truly am warm-hearted by this invention because it has the potential to really influence an autistic child’s life for the better. Not only will it influence the child’s life, but also their family’s because it will make conversations easier and emotions to be expressed better, which will lead to the child’s growth and development as a man or women. “Milo” truly is a great help, and the progress of educational technology is only just taking off.

    What is amazing is that “Milo” is only a starting point. I cannot even fathom the amount of roads that could be taken down after this invention. Although “Milo” is unknown to be AI, educational purposes of devices such as “Milo” and other AI together could continue to grow as well as other similar intentions. One of the main things that stood out to me in this video is when Ferry questions that, “Milo” helps kids with autism with social skills, but what if it could go further and improve to where it could help children with autism to express themselves?” I really liked this question because it opens many areas of interpretation. This also sheds light on other potential devices with or without AI that could have a morally good intention. Intentions such as maybe helping disabled kids feel more included in physical activities. That is just an idea, but I think it is awesome to use technological advancements to help out the ones in need.

    Inventions such as “Milo” can and do have a major impact on children with autism. This makes me happy because it shows that more resources could be created to better help and speed up the learning progress of a struggling child. I definitely agree with Ferry that robots such a “Milo” would not only help his brother Ben, but the many other children with autism around the world. Now, it would be awesome to have devices such as “Milo” that help with other illnesses as well, but that is to come in the future, and I cannot wait.


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