Modernizing the Energy Sector In The United States


Recently, I have been investigating and researching energy supply; particularly, how we can more efficiently create a supply energy at the highest output with least negative effects. It is clear that our sources of energy such as carbon, wind, and fossil fuels, have detrimental effects on the climate, the environment, and our health as a whole. These effects have taken their toll on the world, as we see natural disasters occurring left and right, the ozone layer is being destroyed, along with many other terrible things. As i discussed in my previous post, we need to find a new way of sourcing our energy, in order to stop these things from happening. In doing research, I have come to the conclusion that we should invest and research in nuclear; not just nuclear power, that does not provide any benefits. Rather, we must look into molten salt reactors containing nuclear energy. I explained what they do and the many  benefits they provide in my previous post. What I would like to explore, is how we can modernize our energy sector as a whole. I would like to look at some improvements we can make when it comes to our electricity, decarbonization, and mitigation of emissions. These core components promote clean energy at maximum efficiency. Also, it isn’t likely that we could turn to one source for our energy, were always going to have electricity, along with other sources. This is why I would also look for a means of modernization. This is critical for long term sustainability and mitigation of danger.

Our electricity system is a two way flow of energy; it goes from the source to the consumer, and with this kind of technology comes vulnerability. In order to have a clean environment, a competitive economy, and strong national security we need to eliminate these vulnerabilities to ensure our overall stability.  Statistics show that a clean electricity system reduces air and water pollution and minimizes environmental damage. In order to achieve those three goals; we need to support infrastructure improvements, particularly transmission and distribution systems,as well as optimization of electricity systems to ensure global competitiveness.

Now, you may be asking, why is this so important, isn’t it just electricity? Well, yes, but it is my belief that people don’t realize how important electricity is for our safety and sustainability. Everything we do is controlled by electricity; our financial sectors, global defense networks, and many other critical components of our daily operations. With all that being acknowledged, I believe we need to find methods to improve the security of our electrical grid, along with speed and efficiency of the systems. I’m in conjunction with the idea of the smart grid, one that allows for two way communication, in which technologies can be implemented that will spot potential disruptions such as outages and miscommunications. This would ensure that energy flow is optimal, and we can produce a higher output without as may negative effects. This would allow for us to expand our energy supply, product our grid, and mitigate risk. Check out more here:

Looking at these methods, such as the smart grid, have brought me to realize that with investment and research to improve our electric systems, we could have a much more efficient energy system, with risk being much less. These adjustments can help promote the three things discussed earlier. I believe if we continue to improve what we have, along with finding new sources of energy, we will be able to thrive.

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