Nuclear Energy Continues to Struggle

One point that our current president made very clear during his campaign is the decline of the coal industry. Increased environmental regulations and a decline in the price of natural gas have made burning coal impractical and inefficient. Another source of energy that is often overlooked is Nuclear energy. Nuclear power is struggling to expand its share of the market; an article in Axios, claims that the market share for nuclear power has hovered just below 20% for the past decade. Nuclear energy growth has been stagnant compared to the rapid growth of clean energy sources. Advocates of nuclear power have gave financial support to struggling nuclear power plants in New York and Illinois. People are reluctant to expand the use of nuclear energy because of the safety concerns present. Two of the most infamous nuclear reactor disasters occurred at Fukushima and Chernobyl. Many are skeptical and worried about the aftermath if an issue ever occurred at a nuclear reactor in the United States. However nuclear energy has become safer, more reliable and more efficient over the past two decades. Nuclear energy has extremely high energy outputs. For example, China is expanding their use of nuclear energy to supply energy to its immense population; over half of the nuclear reactors being built are in China. The major impediment for the growth of nuclear energy is cost and time; projects are slow and very expensive.

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