The Ethics of Gene Editing

With the ability of scientists to genetically modify and edit one’s DNA, they have not only unlocked the possibility of curing diseases they are even diagnosed but have also opened a gateway to the unknown that offers little to no protection, security or nonthreatening state of mind. As said by Andrew Joseph, “People have access […]

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4th Revolution and AI

  In class today we talked about education and how it will effect professors and students. I had to connect the dots and I felt the need to share an article I found. The future of education is way more efficient than we ever though. Automation will be completely ran by artificial intelligence. The big issue […]

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An Unlikely Solution to Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence has been making waves in the past decade and the opportunities it unleashes are endless. AI is able to find, analyze, and understand millions of different articles, journals, and scientific reports. Because of this feature, AI would be able to analyze the data concerning climate change, the possible solutions or, at least, mitigation […]

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Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Sector

In class, we have been discussing artificial intelligence. It has truly opened my eyes to the potential it can have on society, in every aspect. I believe a direction that we should start taking, or even thinking about in this research, is how we can implement artificial intelligence into the energy sector. I believe with […]

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Climate Change: Cleaning Up Carbon Dioxide

We can attempt to protect ourselves from the effects of climate change, but we still have to address the future effects of climate change. Cutting emissions will help not make the situation worse; however, it does not significantly improve the situation. Even if emissions were cut to zero, we would still have to deal with […]

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Why Technology Companies Lead Digital Transformation

In prior blog posts, I have discussed how the growth of technology companies have disrupted companies in almost every field. Existing companies are now forced to improve their products and compete with the innovative products/services of technology companies. Platform companies all started out simple, Amazon wanted to sell books on the web, Google was just […]

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The first to fall.

Back when I was in high school, my friend and I decided to go to Uno’s. I had been there several times before when I was a kid and when we had finally got there, I was shocked to see not a waiter/waitress but a small black box with a touch screen. While i was […]

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