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  1. The evolution of the cell phone is a pretty incredible thing and it has been distrupted in the last decade more then what was even foreseeable. It is crazy to think of where the cell phone came from and where it is now and it isn’t even imaginable what it will be like in the near future. At first the first cell phone was in 1973 where it could be installed into cars and other vehicles. The phone was designed and made by Martin Cooper who worked for Motorola. It was bulky and weighed 1.1 kg and was 23 cm long. It only had 30 minutes to talk and then would have to be recharged for the next 10 hours. These cell phones went for about 4 grand each. In the early stages of the phones Nokia and Motorola came out with many different devices and different technique and styles. They were competitors and were at the top of the industry for cell phones during the late 90s and early two thousands. For instance the Nokia 6110 was a basic phone that had the standard game of snack, had a calculator, and you were able to make phone calls. They made many different makes and models that consisted of flip phones non flip phones etc. It wasn’t until later in the 2000s there was a period of immense trial and error with cell phones. Many different companies came out with different types of cell phones like the en-v, the dare, the voyager, the versa, the razor. These were all types of phones that many people had and the blackberry was even becoming more popular.


The blackberry was one of the first smart phones and even was popular when the first iPhone came out in 2007. However, it evidently died down a couple years afterwards when the iPhones and android devices became the main cell phone everyone had. It seemed like a trend that was seen in cell phones up until 2012 was cell phones keep getting more and more smaller so they were easier to carry etc. However, now in 2015, the latest iPhone 6s plus is huge consisting of 6.23” H x 3.07” L x .29” W. when it was originally 2 inches smaller then that to begin with. If you click here you will see a powerpoint that shows the iPhones various sizes.

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  1. Zack G

    Evolution of the IPhone has come a long way, furthermore so has phones such as Blackberry, Galaxy and so on. Going back years ago, phone companies were more focused on swaying away from the big bulky phones in the 70’s to a more pocket friendly device you can hold in one hand. Phones such as the blackberry and the famous razor were small, convenient and got the job done. Until IPhone got its spotlight these two phones as well as a few more were main stream. Soon after phone companies saw a demand for touch screen and little do you know phone screens increased making the phone bigger again. With cellphones being used for gaming, searching the web, emails and many more multi-tasking activities there has been a huge need for a large slim somewhat easy to carry device which of course can be used to make phone calls. Many of these phones now a days especially iPhone have taken the place of tablets and computers and cameras. Phones now have been the one stop shop for an individual’s everyday needs as far as electronics go. With that said, in my opinion there is a limit to phone sizes and I think we’ve just about reached it when looking at the Note 4 and 5 and the IPhone 6 plus. I think the next stage for phones well be to better the features, processors and maybe even adding a hologram feature to them. But for now, I think big phones are in and in to stay for a while until the next big trend is found.

  2. Matthew Walker

    As an owner of an iPhone 6 Plus, I truly never thought I would be an owner of such a powerful machine. My first phone ever was a Razor that I had gotten when I graduated the 8th grade. That was 9 years ago. In such a short period of time I now have a phone that I can watch live football games on, that keeps me entertained for days, allows me to tweet and text, and yes, even make phone calls which I still do everyday. When you look at peoples phones these days, you rarely see anyone with a flip phone or even a Blackberry. When you take a step back the first cell phone was just so you can make calls and talk to people. We converse now in so many ways, over an Instagram picture or through Facebook or through twitter. The media outlets are endless. We can even snap a picture to anyone we want for however long you want them to see the photo. That to me is crazy. iPhones and smart phones everywhere are very powerful each with their own features.
    Moving forward, their is absolutely no way that I see Cell Phones becoming as big in size as they are today. The iPhone 6 Plus barely fits into my pocket. The reason we had cell phones in the first place was cause they were convenient and you could slide them right into your pockets. This article is insightful and I wonder what phones will come out next.

  3. Jennifer Scari

    Upon viewing the title of this article, I decided to give it a read. I am personally a huge advocate of the iPhone in addition to many other Apple products. Considering this article was going to be discussing the evolution of a cellular device that I have owned for several years now, I was intrigued to see what one of my peers had to say about it. First, I will provide some brief background on my experience with cellular devices before divulging my critics on this article. The first cellular phone I received was 10 years ago, as a student in the 6th grade. It was a standard flip phone with the ability to text, make calls, and even take photos, although the quality was terrible. Through the past ten years, I have gone through several types of phones, all carried by Verizon Wireless. Some phones included the Razor, the Chocolate Touch, and the Droid (R2D2 special addition). Since my phone carrier was Verizon throughout this time, I was unable to get the iPhone when it first arrived on the market. In later years when Verizon had the ability to sell iPhones, I purchased the 4s. This was a huge change from the phones I had previously possessed. I then had the ability to do things I had never even believed to be a possibility prior to this time.
    Growing up, the only type of social media I had signed up for was Facebook. Upon the purchase of an iPhone, all of this changed. I realized there was an endless amount of potential when it came to social media. The iPhone enabled me to download any type of App I wanted, most Apps were provided free of charge. Through this, I joined Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. These allow me to stay connected with friends and family through the use of my phone, in ways other than the traditional calls and texts. With these changes in social media, came even more changes in the quality of the phone. The camera on this phone had a higher pixel quality; therefore, the pictures taken on this device would look good enough to take, then upload to the various social media accounts. The iPhone also provided the option to take pictures with the back of the phone (the traditional style) in addition to the front of the phone, which in turn created the selfie craze among our society. All of these things and more were made possible with my iPhone 4s. I believed there was nothing this phone could not do. When updates and new phones were released by Apple, I realized I was absolutely incorrect with my prior belief. Every new iPhone that was introduced had new and improved features that added to this so called Evolution of the iPhone. The size grew larger, the picture quality grew sharper, the speaker quality became clearer: these were minor changes that made a world of difference to an iPhone user.
    It is a challenge to foresee where the iPhone will go from here. The phone cannot afford to become larger or it will lose the ability to fit into the average pocket or purse even. Although I do not anticipate size to be a huge factor in future changes for the iPhones to come, I am certain the innovators at Apple will shock us all with something new and unexpected.
    When reading this article, Evolution of the IPhone, I was interested to see one of my peer’s perspective on this evolution and perhaps what is to come. I found the information that was presented interesting; however, it did not exactly correlate to the title of the article. When reading the article the information was broken up into two paragraphs, the latter being the smaller of the two. Although the article is called Evolution of the IPhone, the iPhone is not even mentioned until the second paragraph. The title is a bit misleading; therefore, either the title should change or perhaps some additional content about the iPhone should be brought up in the first paragraph. Additionally, I would add a few citations to the article when bringing up the facts about prior cellular devices. It makes the reader feel more secure with the information and enables the reader to view the piece as a credible article. Overall the article was interesting and had the foundation for a great article. Making a few minor changes would make a world of difference to this piece.

  4. Robert Sheran

    The evolution of the iPhone, and cellular phones in general, is certainly a miraculous thing. As these types of technologies become more available to all types of users the world begins to shrink. This is not a bad thing by any means. Due to this technology someone from the United States can send a message to their family member on a work trip in Japan and receive it in tenths of a second. To think that only about 50 years ago the world was in the dark to this technology is completely mind boggling. I myself try to sit down and think what it would be like and how hard it was to live life without this device. Thus, I would like to take the time to first critique this article post then give my own input to the situation.
    As I glanced over the numerous articles I read “Evolution of the iPhone” and was instantaneously drawn to read it. The iPhone is such a relevant topic especially for millennials such as myself. The author of this article seemed to have gotten their point across however, it might have been one they did not intend to. Although the title deals with the iPhone this actual device is not mentioned until the later part of the article. Most of the article simply talks about cellular phones in general. The title is somewhat misleading since I expected to hear more about the iPhone. Furthermore, the “evolution” of this device did not really meet the expectations I was hoping for. The “evolution” the author was talking about was moreover just the change in size of cell phones. This is an extremely important factor to consider when critiquing the history of the phone but it should not be the focal point of an “evolution” by any means. I would have liked to hear more about the application of the iPhone and its effects on society rather than just the size of the phone.
    With that being said, I would like to offer my input on this situation. To agree with the author, I truly believe the evolution of the iPhone and cellular phones are truly astonishing. When I was in 8th grade I got my first flip phone. I did not have any internet connection and the only applications I was able to use were to call, text, and play Solitaire. When I accidentally hit the internet application I would have to quickly exit out of it so that my parents didn’t get charged an insane bill for a small fraction of data phones use up now. Comparing my first experience to the use of cell phones now, I look back and think of myself as a cave man. Today, I see elementary school children with the newest iPhone 6 Plus to call their parents to pick them up from soccer practice. For me, the size really isn’t that much of a factor anymore unless you consider thirty years ago when people were making calls from a phone that was the size of their arms.
    As I said something that needs to be discussed about the “evolution” of iPhones is their effects on society as a whole. Before cell phones, people had to use other means of receiving updates, news, sports scores, etc. Everything now is literally compressed into applications on the phone. If you have any problem, there is an app that will solve it. Apple and other providers like Android have been evolving by making these devices compatible with nearly everything (Bluetooth, car Wifi, etc.) To think about the effect that the cell phone has on society as a whole today is truly the evolution. Not just the size of the device.

  5. Justin Amelio

    I did not get my first cell phone until I was in eighth grade and it was a bulky Verizon flip phone. I miss the old phones that everybody used to have they had the two features that are necessary for any cell phone, texting and calling. It used to be fun to have three way calls with my friends and stay up late on school nights. When I first got texting I remember only being allowed to send and receive 50 text messages a month which was very annoying for me but it forced me to not use my phone as much. I miss the days when all phones could do was text and call because everybody was a lot more social. Using the internet used to be a huge struggle back in the day of early cell phones and it always costed our parents so much money. Now using the internet on IPhone is so easy it is something that we do not even think about because of how easy it is to access it. Ring back tones used to be another big part of having a cell phone now it seems like nobody has them anymore. It is funny to see the progression of the IPhone it started out decently big and now it is absurd how big it is. To me the IPhone 6 plus is too much it is way too big you have to hold it with two hands.

    I have the IPhone 5 and I do not have any problems with it, I have had it since the end of summer in 2013 and I have never broken it or anything. Although it cost a lot of money, getting an Otterbox is something that all IPhone users should have. It is a phone case that makes your phone virtually indestructible. It does not protect your IPhone from water but if you drop it nothing will happen to it. Many people complain because it is very bulky and it takes up a lot of room in your pocket but it will save you a lot of money. IPhones are one of the coolest inventions ever but if you do not have a phone case for it they are broken very easily. It is insane how big the IPhone 6 plus is I cannot imagine how much bigger the IPhone 7 will be and what new features will be available on it. I also think that IPhones have eliminated the use of IPods because you can store music on your IPhone. The IPhone replaces most electronic devices because you can do anything you want on them. I have an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet but I never use it anymore because I have an IPhone. IPhones are very addicting as well, most people that you see in the world today are buried in their phones and it is used as an escape from reality. I have to confess I am on my phone a lot during the day especially when I am alone. Overall the IPhone is an awesome invention but I think that it has really hindered everybody’s social skills and it will continue to do so in the future because the IPhone is only going to continue to advance technologically.


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