Politics on Climate Change

Politics and its role in climate change affects each and every one of us in the United States. Politics affects how many of the citizens and residents in our country view topics and hold opinions, and more importantly, affects our ability to take any action towards a cause. In the topic of climate change, we have a man in charge who believes that the whole concept of climate change is a “hoax” and does not really exist. While many (rational) residents in the US know that be far from the truth and understand the gravity of the situation in terms of the perils of climate change, there are still plenty of people that listen and follow what people like the man in charge think and believe. Under Barack Obama’s administration, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the Clean Power Plan, in efforts of reducing emissions to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the climate threat. The idea, unveiled mid-2015, was to reduce the carbon dioxide that was emitted from power generators and lead to cleaner air and not lead to further global warming. Under the Obama administration, climate change was not taken lightly, as the EPA combated and regulated greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Under the Trump administration, the EPA is seeking to replace Obama’s Clean Power Plan and its rules as they are “bad for business.” Several rules are being targeted in the environment aspect, as the EPA is seeking to edit water regulations and car mileage standards. The EPA, after arduous processes, is finding ways to edit rules for the better and find a way to replace Obama’s Clean Power Plan with a newer and more efficient plan, instead of killing the plan as the administration would gladly have. In a study by Yale, US voters across the parties were surveyed and their results on action towards climate change were measured. For the most part, Democrats and Independents sided more with the idea of doing something about climate change particularly starting with our government and congress, whereas the Republicans, especially the conservative ones, thought otherwise. Nearly all parties agreed however, that corporations and industries, the big companies of America should be doing a big part in contributing to the reduction of emissions and aiding in addressing the issue of global warming. Around half of the voters believe that citizens, congress and especially President Trump, should do much more too. Half of the voters believed that climate change should be placed at a higher priority than it is now and Trump should consider it a real issue, rather than a hoax. Most voters believe overall, that the US should do whatever it can to reduce emissions, despite what other countries do. Overall, politics play a big role in our action to certain issues, particularly climate change. Many people want something to be done but are not able to with the current administration, but voices and opinions are heard and taken into consideration. Particularly because it is debatable that Trump will have a second term in office, and laws and rules need to be levied and put into effect before his term is over. The EPA is starting the process now and hoping to expedite their journey in replacing the Clean Power Plan as soon as possible in efforts to stay on the course.


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