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Gene Therapy: Present and Future

If our group has learned anything from these past few months of learning about field of gene therapy is that right now, no one truly has the answers to the ethical, societal and economic implications that this scientific cure could bring. Taking a step back, we began our research at the start of it all. […]

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The Ethics of Gene Editing

With the ability of scientists to genetically modify and edit one’s DNA, they have not only unlocked the possibility of curing diseases they are even diagnosed but have also opened a gateway to the unknown that offers little to no protection, security or nonthreatening state of mind. As said by Andrew Joseph, “People have access […]

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The Frightful Five and Gene Therapy

The latest developments within the gene therapy, medical community involves one of the Frightful Five. With Amazon¬†recently purchasing 12 state pharmacy wholesale licenses, it is time to take a look at how the Frightful Five can make an impact on the healthcare, and specifically gene therapy sector, of the United States. With a Frightful Five […]

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Big Data in Genetics

Privacy is just not something to be expected in this day and age of technology and apart from the voluntary use of social media sites and applications that blatantly infringe on this right, people set themselves up for even more invasion when they request their genetic information. Ancestry and family lineage sites for the last […]

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