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The Future of 3D Printing and its Societal Impacts

This blog post is about the ways in which 3D printing technology will advance and the overall societal impact that it will have. I discuss the ways in which nanotechnology and 3D printing are coming together to produce object such as nano-robots and complex circuit architecture. I continue by discussing the ways in which the theoretical creation of nano/molecular assemblers will change the way humanity relates to matter and with each other. An organization called the Open Source Nano Replicator Initiative is planning on creating a molecular assembler that will build molecules from atomic raw materials, and then chemically bond these molecules together on top of each other to create an object. They believe that this will have effects on humanity that are unprecedented because molecular assemblers in the hands of everyone would theoretically end scarcity of matter in our reality. Additionally, I discuss the ways in which 3D printing can currently be used for consumers and manufacturers to corroborate on objects to “debug” and perfect them similarly to the way a software company releases a beta of their product to be tested by consumers.


The Societal Impacts of 3D Printing