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Black Friday or Cyber Friday?

When looking at the past years in retail many wheels are turned by the power disruption. Technology and also the laziness of people has extinguished many traditions in the retail field, or at least replaced them. Everyone living a fast pace life is aware about how much easier it is to online shop rather than […]

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Mobile Apps: Impacting Shopping Habits

Just a few years ago, shopping was completely different. The streamlined use of mobile applications and web based shopping was not as popular, although little did we know it would gain traction and become one of the largest sectors of the retail industry. The tagline, “there is an app for that” has become a driving […]

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Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping

“Get in loser we’re going shopping” A phrase coined by the ever so popular movie, Mean Girls, may not be able to be used anymore. Isn’t it crazy that we no longer have to go in our car and drive to the mall because every single brand, style, and design is all at your fingertips? […]

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Introduction to Retail Disruption

Hi Everyone, This is Team Retail. Our goal is to introduce you to retail disruption by focusing on: 4 realms- Culture, Cost, Customer and Channels in 3 time-frames- Past, Present and Future To gather our information we are using three platforms: you Slack- A tool that allows us to communicate simultaneously through private channels and […]

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