The Calm before the storm

The world stands before a valley, behind us is the worn landscape we have used for centuries, the same landscape that has brought us so far. Before us is a desolate valley that we cannot fully see the bottom to but we can see the end. Beyond the valley lies another plateau, full of potential, resources and opportunity. The problem is that most people do not realize that we are about to take the step into that valley and while most people are going to be blindsided, the signs were certainly there. McDonald’s is experimenting with kiosks replacing cashiers at many of their stores and restaurant chains like Apple bees has almost completely replaced their waiters/waitresses with tablets. The world is on the edge of the valley and it just needs a push.

While it may seem small at first, only a few companies come to mind for most when the question of cutting edge is brought up. Companies like Tesla and their advances in cars, Amazon with their delivery services and drones, Google and their many advancements. But one company that many might not know is a company called Ziosk. Ziosk is one of the companies behind restaurant chains like Apple bees turning to the aforementioned tablets instead of waiter/waitresses.

Some may ask why digital transformation is taking such a long time and while some point towards the potential bad public relations a company may get for perceived act of “killing jobs,” but a study done by MITSloan, this study has shown many important insights into the minds of CEOs and their employees. Examples are “Where CEOs have shared their vision for digital transformation, 93% of employees feel that it is the right thing for the organization. But, a mere 36% of CEOs have shared such a vision.” This quote right here shows that there is a division in the thinking between the generally aging CEOs and the much younger employees. And when you get CEOs with the mentality of the employee you get a CEO like the Ziosk.

Digital transformation has the potential to push humankind into an unprecedented era or discovery, progress and innovation, but at the same time it has the potential to put humanity in a state of stasis, where we neither go forward no back or just completely destroy us if we are not careful. But there is one thing that is certain, digital transformation is coming and we as a species are going to have to make a choice and that choice may be on of the most important we make.

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