The impact of Quantum Computers on Society


Similarly to our conversation on artificial intelligence, it’s safe to say that the first to fully create controllable quantum computers will be thousands of years ahead of his counterpart. One of the problems is that the very people that we do not want to have this type of power are the only ones who can afford the technology right now. Imagine the power that Google will have access to with the exponential growth that they are experiencing in the field of quantum computing. Match this with their advanced technology in the field of artificial intelligence and you have a match made in heaven. As our Machine Learning group has mentioned: we will have to face the fact that there will be a considerable number of jobs that will be replaced by artificial intelligence. To add to the issue, with the advance of quantum computing technology, this is a problem that we will have to address much earlier than we expected. If the only thing machines require to complete any given task is time to learn the task you have given it, which could be accelerated with the computational speed of a quantum computer, then how long will it take before there are machines working in hospitals operating with little to zero percentage error? Or even imagine if the power and speed of quantum computing was used to advance the field of gene therapy how fast could we engineer the perfect human that never dies?

The beneficial implications and uses of this technology are innumerable, but anything of such reward comes with a high level of risk. Longer life expectancy leads to overpopulation, which is a problem that we are not ready to face. We have also never faced any being of superior intelligence to us, which will be an issue of its own. We must make sure that this technology is placed in the right hands and is used for the beneficial advance of humanity. This has to be done appropriately the first time around because any slight error could threaten human existence as we know it.

Speaking of, Temporal Defense Systems recently purchased one of the most powerful quantum machines available and they will help build the basis for the security systems that will be necessary when this technology arrives on a larger scale in the near future. With quantum technology, they will be able to take security and defense to the next level with device to device authentication, increased speed of threat detection and real time security level rating. James Burrell, exclaims that there are considerable benefits associated with this technology, which are mainly their ability to solve more complex computational problems. This allows them to increase security on pace with the ever changing operational network.

As you may recall from previous posts, quantum technology works on an exponential scale. Because the basis of this technology is currently being made a reality and put into practice, progress will only rise exponentially from here. Remember all of the issues that we brushed off because they were too far ahead of their time? Well the reality is that these problems will be in our face before we know it and we must be prepared to take them on with viable solutions once they are here.

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